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Brazilians Blast Bolsonaro's UN Speech Denying Amazon Devastation as a Total 'Scam'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/24/brazilians-blast-bolsonaros-un-speech-denying-amazon-devastation-total-scam

“It is a misconception to state that the Amazon is a world heritage…”

I don’t think so, Bubba. The entire planet is dependent upon the Amazon as much as any ocean. You don’t own it. Your Portuguese predecessors laid claim to it by murdering innocent people by the thousands.


Trump’s brother from a different mother.


All feathers on the bird of fascism.


It’s happening all over the world:


Brazil’s former environmental minister, Marina Silva said it of bolsonaro:

"Only someone completely deranged and delirious can negate that which the eyes can see"

That is a perfect comment on the reign of trump, who is completely transparent in his depraved indifference for the lives and welfare of all others, our fragile environment and the myriad other life forms we share this once-garden earth with - well, “share” is a misnomer, it’s more like exploit to extinction.

Both the evil scum need to be removed imprisoned and all they have done restored - and then some!


Yes, from Brazil to the US to Poland and Hungary, Russia and India, with threats of in in many other countries from Australia to Canada to France to the UK to Germany, fascism is happening all over the world.


Maybe time for some serious economic sanctions on Brazil in areas that bit Bolsonaro in the arse. Tariffs on Brazilian beef and timber imports?

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Bolsonaro is an international criminal who should be arrested and put on trial in The Hague for crimes against humanity and the biosphere.
Bolsonaro, Duterte, Muhammad bin Salman and other evil world leaders deserve the ultimate penalties.

And the grotesque, asinine Trump as well. And the war criminals Shrub, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Rice, Wolfowitz, Perle, et al. And don’t forget Uncle Billy, Uncle Barry, and of course H. Clinton. Criminals all of them. Wall Street and DC are criminal syndicates. Time to clean house. Life imprisonment in Pelican Bay seems appropriate.

PS - I’m still awaiting your “evidence” that I am a “troll.”


How much of the smoke from those fires needs to be taken to Bolsonaro’s office and released there?

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Bolsonaro’s entire office needs to be hoisted by a crane and dropped in the middle of those fires. Feed his cabinet ministers roast pork for dinner. Then tell ‘em they’re on the menu for tomorrow.

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You’re it wings. Following Greta’s 4 minute comprehensive summary of the state of the planet, I am turning my attention to extinction and what that means - outreach unlimited we’ll call it.

Rising seas - we can move inland and uphill; droughts, we can wait; wildfires, we can rebuild; migrations, we can accomodate…

Extinction, by definition - is losers disappear. This Sixth Extinction is underway - and non-linear tipping points are near at hand.

I’ll start (& finish), with a summary report of a recent PNAS paper (Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences), by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Daniel Rothman, professor of geophysics and co-director of the Lorenz Center in MIT’s Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, and note the PNAS submission was edited & approved by Donald Canfield, Institute of Biology and Nordic Center for Earth Evolution, University of Southern Denmark - a giant in the field of ocean chemistry & anoxic ocean events https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Canfield


“Once we’re over the threshold, how we got there may not matter,” says Rothman, who is publishing his results this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. “Once you get over it, you’re dealing with how the Earth works, and it goes on its own ride.”


Let’s be clear - Greta of Sweden is entirely right in every one of her remarks. I recommend re-watching her four minute “How Dare You” speech again and again, this time listening closely for the message in the words - about the Limits to Growth, about the carbon budget left to mankind, and about the ridiculous idea that a 50% chance following the breaching of even 1.5 deg C is a fool’s only errand - worse by far than actually playing Russian Roulette, and this with the future of life on Earth hanging in the balance.

Most who claim some scientific deep time understanding of what a major mass extinction event with ‘us’ onboard fail utterly in passing this imaginative tour de force on to those who are not lifetime deep time paleontologists.

This has to be corrected. There is no return from extinction - no second chance - no ‘mitigation’ ~


If Rights for the Environment were part of the UN Charter - Trump & Bolsanaro would be criminally liable.

Since the ‘Rights’ are only present in a few places legally - we’ll have to improvise.

With or without ‘laws’ - these wanton acts of environmental destruction - in the full light of universally available scientific understanding - are unjust & criminal.

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Notice his steely, cold, dead eyes.

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The solution to the planet’s woes are surely to be found in the crust underlying Bolsonaro’s left testicle. I say we burn the area out methodically and reveal the secret secretions. If I am wrong in my hypothesis, well, what the hell, we can always try the right hypothesis…


You forgot Soya beans.

Every word you have printed, MAY be the truth, as the words spoken but Greta. Unfortunately, these words are speaking to the converted, who all KNOW these FACTS as presented. BUT, everybody ignores the elephant in the room, including our dear Greta, that is, as she herself, so eloquently stated, ***“IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY”***. How many of the so called supporters of the climate change groups, and even our dear Greta, are prepared to SHUT DOWN the major sources of climate pollution ??? Indeed, who are the major polluters, why have none of them been named ? I’m not talking about countries here, let’s hear which Corporations are the major players in this issue,(because it’s the Corporations which ultimately rule the nations) so far there’s not been one squeak in that regard. I question, why the silence ?
Speaking for myself, I live in a country that derives it’s MAJOR income from it’s mineral resources. Resources that take millions upon millions of gallons of fossil fuels to tear from the ground, whilst pumping untold tonnes and tonnes of pollution into the air and devastating the landscape forever. The profits are HUGE, and if it wasn’t for that income, the people of my nation would have second class World living standards.
I challenge, ever citizen from my country, Australia, to stand up and confess that they, themselves, support the shutting down of this rape and pillage of our land, that THEY would accept the downturn of our living standards as a consequence.
How about you Greta ??? Would You support the shutting down of all such corporate industry around the World to fulfill your dream, and accept the consequences of reduced living standards and loss of jobs ???
It’s very easy to mouth of platitudes with no following consequences, the sound bites seem to make good hearing. BUT, let’s hear some suggestions on how we fill the gap with the shut down of these industries, and the loss of jobs and income from them. Talk is cheap, actions speak far louder than words. B.T.W. this issue is not simply of the mining industry and fossil fuel industry. Our agricultural industry would also need a MAJOR rebuild from the ground up, effecting billions of people, please, give us YOUR solution to the issue, not just words.
Another ELEPHANT in the room Greta seemed to be blind too, is POPULATION control. FACT, there are already too many mouths on this planet, continual increasing everyday making the feeding more difficult every year. WHY has Greta, and her followers not come up with a suggestion on how to deal with this MAJOR issue ???
Come on folks, as Greta has demonstrated, the time for TALK is OVER, let’s hear your solutions. Remember, TALK IS CHEAP, actions speak LOUDER THAT WORDS.

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Yes. That too!

These just came up today:

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