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Brazilians Blast Bolsonaro's UN Speech Denying Amazon Devastation as a Total 'Scam'

Liers,theives and nationalists .

Our leaders do not have the highest interest of all as their guiding principle.
I suggest we create new forms of democracy that centre’s around We The People not just the rich and powerful who are powerful to do the exploiting.


How about a paid side trip to head hunter tribe territory for Bolsonaro.

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If you’ve ever seen John Boorman’s great 1985 film The Emerald Forest, there are two tribes depicted, as different as night and day - the depraved and corrupted tribe portrayed seems appropriate as per your suggestion.
If you have not seen it, I do recommend a look, well worth the time and very relevant today.

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Tremendous reply - thank you !

I just read another reply from @ditton, and Gil outlined the problem in similarly stark terms. In short, the magnitude of what really needs to be done seems overwhelming - and it is daunting.

Realistically, we, the people of Earth, with our diversity of cultures and ways of life - we don’t know what to do, exactly, and most perhaps, are not aware of the scale of the problem, which you have so forcefully outlined.

If you are correct, and ditton is correct - in that people simply cannot change that quickly voluntarily, then only two outcomes seem plausible:

  1. Jared Diamond’s “Collapse”
  2. A high tech solution to buy time - suck the CO2 out of the atmosphere over a thirty year period, i.e., as quickly as we put the CO2 into the environment. Interestingly, the late Wallace Broecker was on board with this last high tech solution - and Wally was a very practical man.

Greta has sparked this little on line discussion - and the scale of the fix we are all in is seeing the light of day for the first time, I think, on social media. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much I think. Meadows, of “Limits to Growth”, not unlike ditton, has given up on the human race’s ability to confront this situation.

Since giving up is not an option - what Greta has begun, we all must finish - no matter the stakes - no matter the inadequacy of our attempts to survive.

I switched my life twenty years ago to enough and not more - I think we need to remove CO2 from the atmosphere on a war footing, with government restrictions on cars, including electric, to sustain whatever agriculture comes to dominate our food chain.

Once on a war footing, a war for survival, then things can happen, as people’s attention wordwide, in every culture, will focus on what is truly important - survival.

Here in Calgary, the weather is about to crash, with rain, snow and cold replacing milder autumn weather.

In Australia, you are moving towards summer, and the fierce heat of The Anthropocene, which will soon render most of your island continent uninhabitable.

I always wanted to climb Mont Blanc, one of the most beautiful alpine climbs in the world.

I am fighting a personal battle to see some meaning in life these days, having been fortunate? enough to live the proverbial life of Riley, to some extent.

The mountains seem to be mocking me these days.

Sometimes you sound like a troll, sometimes you say things that are absolutely correct & progressive.
Unfortunately, this can be a hallmark of a troll. They cloak themselves as progressives but are cleverly inserting anti-Bernie and other regressive memes in their comments, intermittently.
I’m not the troll police. If you aren’t a troll, great. If you are, you’re one of the more skilled ones:)

Avoid all pleasure travel and let the mountain enjoy itself.
Unless you live at the foot of Mont Blanc, your travel there will create needless carbon footprint and other harms.
I love to travel, but now I’ve stopped all of it, and only drive a thousand miles per year, max.
We all have to make sacrifices to reduce our ecological footprint.
But Chamonix is beautiful!

We gave up our car 13 years ago, and recently took Calgary’s ‘On It’ bus to Banff to do a little hiking.

Many would say climbing mountains is a frivolous activity, and if one was born in Bangladesh it might be. But here, surrounded by people whose only concern is money, it was, and is, a life saver.

Bolsonaro is a monster, but the worse and sadder thing is that he was elected by Brazilians (as climate deniers have been in the US, Ontario, Australia, Poland…) reflecting humanity’s desire for short-term benefit (fires to clear land for expanding economy and serving expanding population also going on Indonesia, Congo, Bolivia etc) and unwillingness to deal with the climate issue except in feel-good soundbites like “clean energy.” I’ve seen even the simplest measures opposed, not by corporations, but by affected people - thus opposition to a ban or fee on one-time use plastic bags, opposition to a modest gas tax increase or toll to fund alternatives to driving (recall “gilet jaune” protests in France too) opposition to a bike lane because it would slow car travel n the road, opposition to off-shore windmills because it would despoil views etc etc.
Maybe if things get dire enough people will finally act and the politicians will follow.

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Lol. No yer not the troll police yer a comedian!

Just stop the absurdity. Stop the laziness. The world and its issues and the very task of thinking is a helluva lot more complicated and tricky than you apparently have imagined. If any of my comments appear to be the work of a “troll,” it’s only because you’re not actually thinking.

And again, you haven’t defined “troll,” nor have you cited any “evidence” that I am a “troll.” What is a “troll”? If you can’t define one of your basic terms, then all you’re doing is using a vague word to cover up your intellectual laziness.

Engage your interlocutors’ arguments. Use facts and reason and logic. Throwing out vague ad hominems is juvenile and asinine. Anyone can do that, Mr. Troll. See how easy it is?

Before even thinking about our personal travel, which we should, we need to consider the bigger picture. The gasses being intentionally released and the proposals by trump to use more, not less. Also the big footprints of military activity by all countries, the jet fuel used daily in aviation, our dirty energy plants, and the massive plastics industries. Riding our bicycles is just feel good stuff for now.

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Actually, one of my careers is in persuasion engineering and NLP, as well as internet marketing, so I’ve had many classes and seminars in the science of recognizing trolls of all types. There are many clever people doing subversive things on progressive comments boards, working against progressive values.
Do your own research to learn what the full definition of a troll is.
If you are a troll, that’s sad for you. One day you will pay for it.
When you post a comment that is honest and supports progressive values, I push the like button.
When you post anti-progressive bullshit, Trump defense, and other garbage, I might ignore it, or call you out.
That’s the marketplace of ideas. Enjoy!

Again, what is a “troll” and where is the “evidence,” which you referred to earlier, that I am a “troll”? Is a “troll” someone with a viewpoint that you think you disagree with, someone who writes comments for the purpose of presenting a view which you think you disagree with? If this is the case, if a “troll” is someone who uses a forum to present viewpoints you disagree with, please cite your evidence that I hold a viewpoint which you disagree with.

My request is perfectly reasonable, isn’t it? After all, I have no way of knowing what you meant when you labeled me a troll and wrote “scuttle back to britebart.” Don’t you have a moral obligation to clarify your statements?

Why can’t you answer the most basic questions about your own statements? Why do you lapse into verbal combat when simple questions are put before you?

One last question. Have I written “anti-progressive nonsense” in one of my comments? If so, please identify that comment and explain why you believe it contains “anti-progressive nonsense.” In the course of doing so, please present your definition of “anti-progressive.”

I don’t know anything. All of my conclusions are tentative hypotheses. We are strangers to one another. That being said, it seems to me that many of the problems of the world, which you admirably identify and analyze in your comments, can be traced to a presumptuousness, an arrogance and style of thinking, which are on display in the way you have treated me in our brief little exchange. If I may, I would like to suggest that you be more humble and more charitable in your treatment of strangers.

Thought you would want to see this - from an Australian, and the best summary of Greta’s “How Dare You” speech - comparable, in this author’s opinion, to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address - and I concur !
Greta Thunberg’s 495-word UN speech points us to a future of hope – or despair Richard Flanagan Richard Flanagan

So you’re assuming that we can only choose to shut down all of the corporations, or none of them at all?