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Brazils' Bolsonaro—Outspoken Proponent of Deforestation—Denounced as 'SIck' and 'Pathetic' for Blaming Amazon Forest Fires on NGOs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/21/brazils-bolsonaro-outspoken-proponent-deforestation-denounced-sick-and-pathetic

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when I saw the article earlier to day about the fires, the first thought that entered my mind was that Bolsonaro was responsible for it. with this one I am sure he and his thugs did it. ugly


I don’t really give a damn…right now…WHO started it. Why are they just letting it burn!!!


The both of 'em bolsonaro and trump, two Sick and pathetic criminally insane scum - perfect together.


There is the “bring on the end times” wacko’s but where are the governments of the world? This effects the whole planet and our collective ability to breathe. Even Prince Charles walked away from his charity, why?


Populism in its worst sense has exactly one political axiom. You must always tell people that you are abhorred of their enemies.

In Bolsonaro’s case, the loggers’ enemies are the NGOs, and he’s telling his financial base, the loggers, the mining interests, the big corporate cattle farmers and their ilk, that he is abhorred of the pesky NGOs that threaten their own wonderful short-term profits. Blaming the NGOs for setting the fires may not be true, but outright lying in the name of abhorrence is part and parcel of the populist playbook.

I hope that this axiom helps you to understand the Klan’s pointed mispronouciation of the word “Negro” and also much of Donald Trump’s pointed disregard for argumentative fairness.

Populism ceases to exist when somebody or other goes to the target audience and convinces them that their supposed “enemy” never had any intention of being an enemy and might well be an ally. That “enemy” business was a lie promulgated with great energy by the populist.


First: Strike For Climate September 20 Everywhere. No. Excuses.

Second: Citizen arrests of Trump & Bolsonaro


Quite sharp perception, there. Like something out of The Prince. I like to understand how the social mechanics of fascism operate. What doesn’t make sense is the challenge heard in this forum sometimes (not from you): “Why can’t progressives do things that way?”

I just raise it because in an extreme context of outright fascism, the answer to that frequently asked question is more obviously apparent: Because that would be practicing oppression.

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its no mans land over there. You would need the army to do it and the army in Brasil is on the side of the people who started the fire. And to make this even worse this whole thing was unleashed on Brasil after Hillary Clinton went to Petrobras to check on the reality of Brasil’s oil reserves… This is Obama’s baby, who is now being taken care by Trump. Bolsonaro is not the Trumpo of the Tropics…he is Saddam Hussein


Twenty percent of the worlds oxygen, going up in flames. Methane from the melting Arctic, which is also on fire…gonna be really challenging to breathe quite soon.
Bolsonaro is a straight up monstrous idiot.


Bolsonaro needs to go…fast.

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Even the MIT Tech Review is carrying the reports this morning

The Brazilian Amazon is on fire—here’s why that’s bad news for the planet

Forest fires have soared in the Brazilian Amazon this year, sharpening concerns about rising deforestation and climate emissions under the nation’s new far-right president.

The news: More than 70,000 forest fires have broken out throughout the rainforest so far this year, the largest number in at least five years and a more than 80% increase over the same period last year, according to the National Institute for Space Research (INPE). ( I’d add that at10:05 am the INPE site is not responding - hopefully short of being crashed by traffic)

What’s driving the increase? Several factors. Researchers warn climate change is making the Amazon rainforest more susceptible to wildfires, by increasing droughts. But local reports say farmers in some areas are deliberately setting fires to clear land for crops or cattle ranching, emboldened by President Jair Bolsonaro’s weakening of environmental guardrails.

Why does it matter? The Amazon proper, which spans nine nations, is one of the world’s largest carbon sinks. It accounts for around 17% of the world’s carbon trapped in vegetation on land. (It’s also, of course, a rich source of biodiversity and the oxygen we breathe.) Amazon deforestation rates had been tumbling for years. But they’ve risen significantly in Brazil this year.

Read next: Brazil’s presidential election could mean billions of tons of additional greenhouse gases .


Bolsonaro is bouyed by post-dictatorship (1960s-1987) militaryjunta, now in bed with agribusiness, agrotoxin manufacturers enjoying the worlds largest market for their poisons and an export oriented 'use ém and lose ‘em’ modus that is what triggered the coup taking out Rousseff and jailing Lula - you cannot make this $#!t up.
But the Brazilian people? Dang I love the 99% in that country - do not mess with the REAL Brazilians - tough as nails. There is a massive racist contingent - but even they are out-numbered.


Well, the REAL Brazilians need to step up and take out Bolsonaro and quick. Just like we in the US need to take out Trump and it matters who is replaced by.

Maybe having their country on fire will be a tipping point to push Brazilians over the edge to demand Bolsonaro’s ouster. But Brazil is riddled with corruption.

Love Glen Greenwald and associate’s reporting exposing some of the high level corruption and putting a real face on it, rather than having it fester in the background.


Good to know the USA doesn’t have a monopoly on dumb ass right wing bass turds ruining their country.

Unfortunately, members of Team Trump and other self-serving, short-sighted conservatives don’t view these devastating fires as the horrific destruction of critical habitat and another warning about global climate change.
Instead, they view the mass defoliation as opportunities for new real estate development.

This is the country we should be focused on --not Venezuela------this is why we have a military-----THE WORLD SHOULD BE SENDING IN FORCES TO PROTECT THE RAIN FOREST AND THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE THERE-----THE SAME FOR INDONESIA! SUPPORT INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM-----SUPPORT THE COMMONS—PROTECT THE COMMONS----These RAIN FORESTS are part of the COMMONS-----we have a right to clean air beyond the power of these nation states.

I think it is strange to not hear a word from the lumber industries. What’s up with them?