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Brazil's Elite Move Ahead with 'Coup' as Rousseff Impeached by Lower House


Brazil's Elite Move Ahead with 'Coup' as Rousseff Impeached by Lower House

Nika Knight, staff writer

Brazil's embattled leftist president Dilma Roussef watched on Sunday as right-wing opponents in congress voted in overwhelming numbers to impeach her, drawing cries of "coup, coup, coup!" from her supporters in the Workers' Party (PT).

367 of the 513 members of Brazil's lower house voted to impeach, surpassing the two-thirds majority required to send the proposal to the senate for a vote, which is expected to take place in a few weeks.

Critics of the process immediately decried the impeachment vote.


"Root out corruption" can now be added to "reform" as words that formerly meant good things, but now, in this age of neoliberal reaction, are now loathsome words for which when one hears them one can only hunker-down and cringe.


The excuse given for the coup in 1964 was to eliminate corruption. This coup, though not a military one, is being waged by the same elites with a stronger and more monolithic media. The class and racial contrasts between the pro- and anti-impeachment demonstrations is very telling.
Those senators and congressmen are all corrupt, even criminal (illegal deforestation, even suspicion of murder, money laundering etc).
Shameless, filthy vermin.


The 'pink revolutions" are coming apart now. This is a moment of great sadness and greater tragedy. We were hoping this was possible to do in a mature, civilized manner. This is the bedrock hope of the Sanders people, for example.
But it's turning out that the old buzzards had it right the first time, as terrified as we are of that wisdom: You can't talk the King off the top of the hill. You have to give hm a very big shove.


Has there ever been a coup against a leftist President that our Empire has not had a hand in?


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Just as the US helped overthrow the legitimate Democratic Socialist government of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya in 2009, Hillary's hand in this illegal Military Coup had the same finger prints as this Brazilian Coup. Hillary indeed, learned her lessons from that great neocon, Henry Kissinger, who was responsible for US involvement in the Military Coup displacing the popular Democratic Socialist, Salvador Allende. We seem never to be able to learn from our mistakes, and as much foreign policy "experience" as Hillary has, she continues increasingly to replicate her failures across the globe.

We seem willing to believe from Hillary's rhetoric that she will make serious changes in US imperial foreign policy, which I would suggest is "magical thinking" similar to her being "Lucy holding the football", and we are "Charlie Brown" about to trust her once again to not pull the football away as we attempt to "make the kick".


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Hey people of Brazil, kick the US out of your country and keep your liberal leader.


Dilma is not a liberal, Dilma is a leftist - (once a radical leftist insurgent against the 1964 Junta, now just a moderate leftist).

It is the liberals who are trying to kick her her out.

Will USAns please join the world and along with the measurement syatem and a number of other things, start using the term "liberal" correctly? For example, Chile's dictator Pinochet and his friends the Chicago School economists and Ayn Rand were classical liberals. One of the Thatcherite liberals once even said with regard to Pinochet that he preferred a dictator who supported liberalism to a democracy any day. Because people ("people" meaning millionaires and billionaires) enjoy more freedom under a liberal dictator.

As the right-wing Aussie liberal Mel Gibson said: "Freedom!!!!"

Of course, "freedom" for the muskie is quite the opposite for the bluegill.

So for the working-man, the word "freedom" is just another one of those bullshit-words like "reform" and "fighting corruption" has become. The operative word for the working class is not "freedom", is is Power!

There is pow'r there is pow'r in a band of workingmen,
When they stand hand in hand,
That's a pow'r, that's a pow'r
That must rule in every land—
One Industrial Union Grand!

...Joe Hill


Sorry if I used the wrong term. On the other hand weren't Ayn Rand and Thatcher neo-liberals.
My point still stands. The US is up to no good in Brazil.


Let's impeach the US Government. The Obama Administration, many Members of congress & Senators should get out of the government & go to the ICC or Gitmo.:smile_cat::slight_smile:


Rousseff is a very good president & so was Da Silva. They may not be perfect at standing up to the USA but they can stand up to it better than most current & former world leaders. Rousseff was part of a pro democracy movement when Brazil was a dictatorship.


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Sorry, but this story is nonsense. I just returned from Brazil and watched the voting. It was carried on national TV and there was a roll-call vote. Almost everyone made a statement about their position. That this is a"coup" is a political ploy By Dilma. That it is an elitist right-wing effort is counterfactual. The number of votes alone should tell you it was not a small group, but a majority of the congress-people. More non-coup evidence is that the military has specifically stayed out and stated they will abide by the actions taken based on the Brazilian constitution. The only army reaction was when former-president Lula stated he would bring out the red army - that is NOT the Brazilian Army.) No coup - bad analysis.


This story is not nonsense. The US & its puppet allies (NATO , Canada & Japan) are aligned with right winger in Latin America. Those nations say they support freedom but they will depose democratic governments for dictatorships if the dictatorships support US foreign policy & the democratic governments do not.


So they decided ti wait through two terms of Lula and one and a half of Dilma's before acting. That makes a lot of sense. As I said, I came back Monday and the vast majority of people want her out as the economy is in the toilet..


If this is about malfeasance and corruption in office, why is Dilma being targeted and not the two next in line? Their crimes are a lot worse than anything that Dilma is being accused of, and there are actually investigations into their behavior which this coup will stop.


Actually, they are under investigation.