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Brazil's Political and Economic Crisis Threatens Its Democracy


Brazil's Political and Economic Crisis Threatens Its Democracy

Mark Weisbrot

On April 17, the Brazilian lower house of Congress voted to impeach President Dilma Rousseff, who was elected in 2010 and reelected at the end of 2014. It was a garish spectacle, with one right-wing deputy dedicating his vote to the colonel who headed a torture unit during the dictatorship. One of its torture victims was the president herself.


The archetype for Mars is actualized through the army. It's typically all male and works as a linear progression. The top guy barks orders that move down a command chain. The structure of the army/Mars rules is always hierarchical and NEVER Democratic and its enemy IS the Feminine Principle (and most women) which was Divinely designed to act as counterbalance.

That's why during times of war, rape and pornography become prolific and women fear for their lives in a great many places.

This is how "Mars Rules" operates "south of the border":

"No wonder many Brazilians consider the whole process a coup d'état — and not just against a president, but against democracy itself. There have been continuing protests since the impeachment, with some spilling over into the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

"One of the first acts of the interim government was to appoint a Cabinet of all rich white males, in a country where the majority are women and more than half identify as black or mixed race. Then, the government abolished the ministry of women, racial equality, and human rights."

I would add one thing to Mr. Weisbrot's article and it's global warming/climate chaos. The old "growth" model that previously made for a prosperity that allowed some of the goodies to be passed around (to the "lower classes") is now a virtual Death Sentence for Gaia, the Earth Mother.

There aren't just shocks to the economic system going on. The ultimate systems that sustain life are also experiencing shocks and these are escalating.

The old paradigm is in its death throes. What emerges from it will be very different and unfortunately, it's apt to involve loss of life and loss of habitat.


The author had two choices.
Democracy is threatened or democracy is strengthened.
His choice was that it'll be threatened.
Maybe he's right and maybe he's wrong. Time will tell.
IMHO he's wrong.


Right wing brutes most of whom are under indictment take over and you paint this as two sides determining whether Democracy is right (and wins)?

I don't think you read, or were capable of understanding what Mr. Weisbrot has laid out.

Also, at issue is the destiny of Brazil and a leader who already endured torture by this same cabal. In the place of those critical developments you pose an argument about the author?

Do you have a conscience or ARE you one of those sock puppets that simulates a human being but actually IS a machine-program pretending to be as such?


The never ending push of right wing extremists is killing countries across the world. We are experiencing it here. What is it going to take to stop these idiots from pushing this and us into all out revolution in the streets?


Well that is what the militarization of the police is for. At least that is the logic of their war crazed minds.


I feel sorry for Dilma Rousseff. I wish what happened to her would happen to the 2 Clintons, the 2 Bushes, Theresa May & many other current & former world leaders. Rousseff & Da Silva are very fine leaders, much better than the previous US puppet leaders before them.They are not perfect but were doing the best they could under Brazil's circumstances.


Nice guys finish last. Just ask Bernie Sanders. Oh wait he is too busy kissing the DNC's ass to respond.


Terrible article from Reason. The federal prosecuter found that Rousseff had not committed a crime. What she did has been done by other presidents and governors. Plus, all of the money was paid back. There was no corruption here.

Like Weisbrot said, she took some measures to slow down the economy, but the timing was bad, as the world economy was slowing a lot at the time. Then, she unwisely succumbed to pressure to introduce austerity measures, which only have the effect of lengthening and deepening a recession.

Reason doesn't seem to mention the tremendous reduction in poverty under the WP. Huh. Can't imagine why not.


"IMHO he's wrong."

How do you figure that?


The Reason article is notable for the huge amount of information it ignores.

Just as these "Libertarian" (actually very rightwing, neoliberal) in other countries (e.g.,Trump), the Free Brazil Movement is definitely not the answer.


It isn't too difficult to see the mechanisms behind this right wing debacle. A tried and true way to curtail investigations into your own misconduct, in this case aka evildoing, is to shut down the investigators and the investigation. This is a tactic has been perfected over the years by ex gov Goodhair in TX and apparently has been tried by the Brazilian legislature.