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Brazil's Senate Ousts Dilma Rousseff From Office


Brazil's Senate Ousts Dilma Rousseff From Office

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

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As expected, Brazil's Senate on Wednesday voted to impeach suspended President Dilma Rousseff.


To call this a “Democratic Overthrow” in the headline is a shameless display of bias, ignorance or both.

The landowning/business oligarchy has run the nation since it was a colony taking over indigenous lands in the 16th century and ceded territory by the Pope. They could not stand being out of power for the last 14 years and needed to find a way to get back in charge without having to face a democratic election by the people.

The questionable and largely indicted opposition members of Congress supported trumped up charges against Rousseff who is perhaps the least questionable among them. A coup, indeed … with U. S. support.


Democracy maybe in a commune.


I think that Ms. Germanos may have meant “Completing the Overthrow of Democracy…”?


…especially on Common Dreams.


Wasn’t the vice president democratically elected? Like Joe Biden?
We are all aware that every politician in Brazil is corrupt and Rousseff and her Workers Party were no exception.
All the gloom and doom concerning what the future will hold for Brazil is nothing more then speculative soothsaying.
Once the Brazilian people get their act together perhaps they can straighten this mess out.
In the meantime they will get the government that they deserve.
Just like the citizens in our country.


The vice president was Rousseff’s rival from another party that lost to her in the general election, then she appointed him to the vice presidency, so in Brazil they must not select their vice president before the election. To me this seems like a crazy thing to do, but Glenn Greenwald explained that while Brazil’s government is modeled on the U.S. structure, they also strive for a more parliamentary aspect. He even asked her about it when he interviewed her a while back. She said something to the effect that Temer had indicated a desire to work together and she had believed him. So, he tricked her.


In all honesty if Temer was able to trick her then she isn’t the sharpest knife in the draw.


Democracy in a commune? In name only. I lived in one for a year. Equality was a pretense. Those really in charge were called The Dynasty behind their backs.
I’m of the opinion that any government style can do well or be abysmal. Writing from China, my prep referred resting place of the moment.


It does make me wonder. It seems more likely to me that something was lost in translation in that interview, or there was more to the story, like maybe they had a deal she thought he couldn’t break somehow. Or she thought his party would be pacified with some power sharing. That still sound bad.


He also noted that “the interim government intends to double down on austerity and cuts in social spending and public investment.”

I’m sure that most people saw the footage of the poverty during the Olympic Games that exists in Brazil . The coming days and years will be nothing less than absolute depravity by the elite ruling class upon the working class and the poor for personal financial gain and increased domination.

Capitalism is a moral crime against humanity.


Back in March there were street protests demanding that Rousseff leave. The last two days there have been massive protests because of the impeachment. Austerity will make things worse, of course. I think the only question left is how brutal is the oppression in Brazil going to get under Temer. I’m thinking that it’s going to be very, very bad, given the tensions in that country right now.


The problems of every emerging country seems to be in what is generically called " the energy sectors of the economy ". Whether it’s over or under investment in the growth of this essential economic building tool; corruption and speculation is rife with dangers. And, will be until the love affair between Big Oil & Gas, Nuclear and the U.S.'s MIC is ended. We’re , as an Empire, are strangling our planet’s future by trying to monopolize, at gunpoint, our addiction to the bad past. A great leap of faith is needed here; are we so inept as a planet not to change this unequal and destructive relationship? If we don’t, The Fates will truly do the inevitable for us. And quickly, too .


Agreed. There’s a great article over on Counterpunch, by Pepe Escobar, laying out that whole scenario. Here’s the link, if CD permits: http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/08/31/brazils-dilma-rousseff-a-woman-of-honor-confronts-senate-of-scoundrels/


So, who’s investigating the real criminals in the scenario? Those who suspended Rousseff were under investigation for real corruption, so who are they and are they continuing their investigations? Or have those investigation become null and void because of their coup?