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Break Free from Fossil Fuels for Our Collective Survival


Break Free from Fossil Fuels for Our Collective Survival

Arianne Kassman

My name is Arianne Kassman. I am a Pacific Climate Warrior from Papua New Guinea. I want to tell you about why it's important for my people, and for the Pacific, that fossil fuels remain in the ground.


They ask us to do something more than just agree with them. They ask us to help them with more than just words. They need help not just people repeating the words Arianne and others say. They need people to protest. Words are not enough any longer!

The hour grows late...

..and the waters keep rising!


"Last year, Mayur Energy reported that PNG has some of the cleanest coal in the world. But we all know there is no such thing as clean coal.

So why are we allowing this to go ahead?

In the same report,
Mayur Energy tell us that we can generate 50mW of power and meet our
country’s target of increasing our people’s access to electricity from
11% to 70%. While these seem like great figures and bring something our
people need, we are taking away future generations rights to having a
place to call home".

There are only 6 millon people in PNG a country around 4 times the area of Vietnam which has around 84 million people. The people in PNG lack access to electricity because their communitites are scattered and small and providing power lines from any kind of centralised power generator, coal, nuclear or hydro, would be extremely difficult, expensive and also fraught with compensation claims which, if not paid out and then paid out again, repeatedly, would see the power pylons knocked down by the locals.

The ideal for the PNG villages is mini-hydro-power and solar power. However, I am sure the author of the article is also aware of the problems in those areas.

And finally, now that coal has been discovered the local people will be mining it for themselves for cooking and heating in the villages.