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"Break Glass in Case of Emergency": We Must Break Pharma Monopolies to Lower Drug Prices

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/02/break-glass-case-emergency-we-must-break-pharma-monopolies-lower-drug-prices

You didn’t watch the republican convention----Trump fixed this----we have the best healthcare in the world??? We just need to get rid of the ACA and it will be more perfect.

How many are going without healthcare as a pandemic rages-----The media pounded Warren and Sanders on their plans-----but if you are a republican the media gives you a pass—why is this???

But but but… socialized health care is more expensive than the Murcan system of free enterprise. Plus… any kind of cooperation between people, facilitated by government, will lead to dictatorship and communism. I’m surprised you didn’t know that.

You haven’t been paying attention, Trump’s going to sign his healthcare plan any day now, it’s going to be the bestest, greatest, healthcare in the universe. Any day now, I promise. /s

The republican plan has always been: Don’t get sick, and if you do, die quickly.
Comforting in the middle of a pandemic.

The authors analogy is slightly off the mark. This makes more sense:

"Now imagine that you look at the hammer and fire extinguisher provided to you, but you turn away. You walk outside, and watch your house burn to the ground, then you notice your wallet got much larger, and you realize you did the right thing."

And we wonder why congress won’t use the law referenced in the story.

If healthcare is a human right, then why are drugs sold for a profit? We all know why. If drug companies could not corner a market and take (undue) advantage of consumers (other humans) we would still be using leeches for wounds and draining blood as a therapy.
Capitalism is the disease. Capitalism is bringing about an extinction event. The good news is that the event only applies to humans. All hail insects. Whats for dinner? Toasted humans!

the truth–it is capitalism that is the problem–as long as the capitalists are making money on their dystopia they will continue their plans–even as people die–from no health care-unable to afford the medicine or to go to the doctor–many of their diseases(asthma-autoimmune disorders-etc) caused by the capitalist industries who’s pollution is at this moment degrading the health of many communities around the nation–time to realize that capitalism is killing this planet and everything on it-and that they do this-FOR THE MONEY

I support the idea that there should be a healthcare center in every neighborhood—and the last thing these healthcare centers would do is push pills-----there should be meditation areas-classes on raising kids and child care—connections to basic employment<<<real healthcare—