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Break the Chain: The Fight Is On


Break the Chain: The Fight Is On

Protests have already begun against the nomination of Brett Cavanaugh, a pro-gun, anti-choice/health care extremist on record as believing the president is immune from criminal prosecution - which is one sick and sorry criteria for a SCOTUS choice. We take inspiration from a One Billion Rising flash mob, and Indivisible: "The fight is on."


So this Kavanaugh person thinks that the president is immune from criminal prosecution----------whoa—did he miss the whole event of the Nixon Whitehouse and the consequences and its conclusion?
Oh wait-----yeah, these guys like Kavanaugh want to overturn everything------there will be guns , no doubt. Well the NRA will be happy.


No, he said it may be a good idea for congress to pass a law preventing a sitting president from being the subject of a criminal or civil action, to allow the president to focus on his duties. Impeachment would still be on the table and the actions could continue when he was out of office.

Imagine a judge who thinks congress should pass laws…


Pout and throw tantrums all you like, it won’t change a damn thing. Half the country has been lobotomized and the other half, castrated.


This guy’s individual positions are obviously out of the mainstream of We the People. This upper-class, privileged white guy, is a preposterous choice for our future American Experience. Our future is a hothouse, post-carbon America, in a world that must survive floods, hurricanes and fires. Only a reversal from a corporate militarized economy to a Beloved Community, will make a future possible worth living in and for. This dude is just another corporate lawyer providing a smokescreen for the war-like white oligarchs planning to colonize the planet in “their” self-image. His 40-year tenure is intended to maintain the status quo of distract and divide - unless We the now poor fight back, together. Forward together. Not one step back!


Bad day, Dan? Don’t worry. Things will get worse before they get better!