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BREAKING: All 6 Police Officers Will Be Indicted Over Death of Freddie Gray


BREAKING: All 6 Police Officers Will Be Indicted Over Death of Freddie Gray

Common Dreams staff

Baltimore City state's attorney Marilyn Mosby announced Thursday afternoon that six city police officers have been indicted in the custody death of Freddie Gray.

The officers will be araigned on July 2, said Mosby.

Gray, a 25-year-old black man, died brutally last month after his spine was almost completely severed while in police custody.

His death sparked protests and angry uprisings in Baltimore and calls for "Justice for Freddie Gray" across the United States and world.

Updates and commentary are being posted to Twitter:


â–ş Let us have a parade for the accused


Now the indictment switches to before Mr. Gray was put into the paddy wagon? Or was it the new phone video which surfaced that changed the charging statements? Hmmmm… Anyway, I’ve longed suspected that he was roughed up on at least 2 separate occasions. This is all such a mess because the knife, legal or not, is now out of the picture. At any rate, this case in its’ own way, will produce some serious reverb. While not every police dept. is corrupt and racist, there’s enough of them out there in America to safely say, " in some places black lives really don’t matter. " And, that’s a cryin’ shame.


Freddy Gray killed by white arrestors,
Blamed on Black transporters

A peoples’ victory? Not so quick! Am
At beating murder, they’re pretty slick. Em
Incomplete charges that will not stick F
Lets killers slide, is the DA’s trick. G
They broke Freddy’s neck before the ride. Am
Charge all 6 with homicide! Em

Experts say it’s hard to prove
Murder by roughness during his move
In the van beyond a doubt,
So the charge will be thrown out.
The DA said he died from the ride.
Witnesses say that’s a lie!

“You’re hurting my neck” yelled Freddy Gray
As face down he was forced to lay.
“Shut the fuck up” was the hateful sound
From 3 white cops from out of town.
They kneed his neck and broke his spine.
Charge all 6 with homicide!
“They bent him like a pretzel” a witness said.
We saw him disabled, almost dead.
A witness said he screamed in pain.
“They killed him” said one, shouting in vain.
We saw the videos. They don’t lie.

Charge all 6 with homicide!
Why did Mosby look away,
Ignoring witnesses on that day?
Withholding evidence to the jury
Is a crime, Ms. Marilyn Mosby!
If Grand Jury looks away
And sees no murder, there’s hell to pay!

The ranking cop’s a psychopath
Proven by his brutal past.
“Peace for justice” we all heard her
Begs charges of torture, murder,
Hate crime, terrorism, lies.
Charge all 6 with homicide!

Marilyn Mosby, tell the jury
Of witnesses’ testimony:
Arrestors broke Freddy Gray
Before he was driven away.
If no murder’s found by the jury
We will see the peoples’ fury!


The headline I would like to see in July:



I wouldn’t. I don’t understand what the prosecutor’s motive can be in not lodging the worst charges against the lieutenant and going sharply downward from there.

He was an officer and ipso facto the scene commander. He was the one who chose to pursue Gray to begin with, and his rank made him responsible both in law and by police regulation for everything that happened as a result The sergeants had a lesser responsibility, and the grunts none by comparison – with a lieutenant and 2 sergeants there, they had no free will at all.


Frankly, I’m surprised these officers were even indicted. Now, let’s hope that the jury will have the common sense to find them guilty of first degree murder.