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Breaking Badlands: National Park Service Goes Yugely Rogue, Insists On Pesky Facts


Breaking Badlands: National Park Service Goes Yugely Rogue, Insists On Pesky Facts

Well this is cool: Trumpian efforts to block information on climate change - 'cause who needs science and/or a planet? - have sparked fierce resistance by the National Park Service, suggesting the Revolution may yet be tweeted. After getting shut down for posting science FACTS - think about that - defiant rangers at Badlands National Park re-posted them, swiftly followed by Golden Gate Park, NASA, and new sites AltNatParks and BadHombresLands vowing, "You will never silence the truth, tiny-fisted dictator."


I've been hoping to see signs of resistance to the new fuehrer's destruction of everything We the People have built up in the past century.
* That it is coming from within is heartening!
* When the day comes that he finally steps down, remember that the rest of his "cabinet" and other appointees are greedy, heartless Nazis, too. They've all got to go and we have to start over. Picking the scum off the swamp one bubble at a time won't work. We have to drain the swamp and fill it with healthy soil, to grow a healthy new representative government "of the people, by the people, for the people," in.


Teddy Roosevelt must be spinning in his his grave at the stupidity and greed of this
administration! But I'm sure he would be very proud of our faithful and dedicated National Park Rangers!

The people in all departments, the ones who really do the work that is taken for granted, but is crucial
to make this country better for EVERYONE, deserve our support and gratitude.

This article is further proof that those at the bottom should be at the top, and vice-versa!


If TR could see how Congress and the last five POTUS during the past three decades have hollowed out his conservation, anti-trust and other achievements he would "walk softly carrying a big stick" into DC and make sure that each of them felt the brunt of that stick, hopefully followed by sentencing them to those empty beds in Guantanamo.


Not only that, but those on the inside that are filled with concern may well be our salvation, but it will take all of our help. Those sickos in the Greedopoly and the Oilagarchy are not going to quit unless their profits drop.
* BDS may well work, if we all get together on it. We should publish on line the companies, the products and services that the Greedopoly and the Oilagarchy are putting out there and boycott them. If they see that they have hit a rock and their bottom line is leaking toward oblivion, we may be able to use our leverage.


There are times, I must confess, when I find USAians utterly inspiring.


Yes, like
Coke, Nestle
any power company..
Any plastic company
Professional sports
Cover Girl
or any make up company,
and any other major beer company
Drink micro brew or make your own

Get my drift?... It's ALL OF THEM .... They are all the problem..


You are right on the button. Now the question is, how do we get the people to realize this and the seriousness of it? What will trigger a meaningful boycott of damn near every "little" thing of convenience?
* When I was young, almost everybody was self-reliant. We made our own tools, grew most of our own food, traded with other gardens for variety. We fixed our cars, patched our tires, raised rabbits for food and pelts. We made and wired our own radios. If we didn't know how to make or repair a particular thing, there was someone in the neighborhood who could probably help.
* Except out in the country amidst farms, I don't see much self-reliance amongst the "average people."
* If something breaks that you think you need, you let your fingers do the walking. You reach the repairman, who tells you it will cost $75.00 for him to take a look at it and probably several hundred to repair it.
* Then he tells you it is cheaper to buy a new one at Walmart and throw the old one away.
* So you go to Walmart, find it and buy it with your high interest credit card.
* How do we break out of this syndrome?
* People have to want to do this. Forcing it on people, or laying guilt trips on them won't work.


I was thrilled to read in this article that some group is trying to get scientists to run for office -- sounds a lot better than an orange ape with tiny hands and a tiny brain to match! :stuck_out_tongue::smirk:


My father worked for the NPS (Superintendent of Ft Laramie National Historic Site and Chaco Canyon National Monument) and like Teddy, he is undoubtedly rolling over in his grave -- except for the outspokeness of these Rangers.

Pwr 2 the NPS rangers!


And hopefully we will all be inspired many more times!


I first became aware of the severity of human caused environmental problems from NPS and Forestry Service Rangers years ago. Its good to see that they are still holding fast. Its very much like if the Army knew that there is an invasion force coming to attack yet the president vehemently refuses to acknowledge the threat since doing something about it would be so inconvenient. Back to the Rangers, I lived in the Appalachian mtns for years and the rangers there point out the brown hue in the sky and the high rate of tree mortality being from the presence of smog and acid rain respectively. Anyone can go up into the Appalachian mtns, drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway and see this first hand for themselves. Obviously trump never has. There are old photos of the vistas that used to be in the Ranger's offices were you can see how far you used to be able to see from the mountain tops versus the limited distance one can see now. The smog is so bad that you can't see as far from a mountain top as you used to be able to see. Actual before and after pictures. The only way anyone can deny this stuff is through willfull ignorance. Refusing to face the facts does not mean the facts are untrue.