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Breaking Free: A Rising Tide of Climate Resistance


Breaking Free: A Rising Tide of Climate Resistance

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

“Welcome to Fort McMurray. We have the energy,” reads the signs as one enters this northern deep-woods outpost at the center of the Alberta tar sands petroleum-extraction zone. The forests surrounding Fort McMurray are on fire, closing in on the vast tar sands operations. More than 90,000 people have been evacuated, most from Fort McMurray, but thousands more from the oil sands work camps, where what is considered the dirtiest oil on the planet is extracted from tarry sand dug from earth-scarring open-pit mines.


"When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money."

"He who dies with the most toys wins."

Guess which saying will prevail. It ain't that hard.


Chomsky: " lets race to the precipice".

And unfortunately, fossil fuels are pushing most of us to the precipice against our wills. This has to be stopped one way or another.


It is the young who will not weary of the battle to save themselves. The older generations make their accommodations and their excuses, they make their profits and their preference is for their comfort rather than conscience. However, the young see only what they will see... the future in which they will live in. Their elders will pass on in the pleasure of their comforts while the young people see the decades ahead of misery and suffering as their share and they grow angry at the prospect. They are being cheated of their pleasures and comforts by one generation ...the older generation.

The old speak of being inconvenienced by doing without fossil fuels as if polluting the environment is their right and trying to reduce the production of mountains of useless plastic and waste is infringing on their ease and comfort. But the young see only what they will be left with when they are old and they grow frightened and rightfully so. The old are ruining the world for the young and the young know it.

The young see what will be theirs in days to come and the old see only what they have now with no interest in what will come because they are already old and don't expect to see it. The old don't feel it...the worry that young are aware of...the fear the young feel. That is the reality that the young think only of the future ...their future while the old think mostly of only their present.

'Stop using fossil fuels because they are destroying our future'.. say the young!

'No we will not' say the old 'because we enjoy using them. We make money using them and enjoy that money. We do this regardless of the cost to you because there is no cost to us right now and we don't expect to see that future time that you will see... Because our time is now and it is your time that will suffer.

The young will never give up this fight to save their environment.

We've left them little choice about that.


It is a pity that the younger generation is two generations too late.


There is no pity to be had for the young. Their parents betrayed them. Their teachers lied to them. Their ministers and holy men sinned on them. They had no pity for the young!

What that means is that you damn well better not be old when those future days come in with a vengeance for there will also be no mercy for the old when the temperatures hit the the triple digits and power goes out on a bright summer day hovering around a humid 125F. Will you last another twenty? Those who do may not want to.

The young will adapt to world unknown and one which is beyond the capabilities of those who by then will be old. All bets are off when the killer days of summer are rightfully feared. In those future days only the young can afford to make a mistake like getting caught in a power outage. A circumstance that will invariably kill the old. Only the young are innocent and only the old cannot escape the penalties.

Sad about the babies though but then it always is.


We are the younger generation two generations ago; I take it that you, like me you, are an old crock? When I were a young lad, fresh-faced and in my prime, I got laughed at by my peers when I expressed concern about how we were making a mess of things. Working in a foundry for a month followed by work on the council's dust-bin (garbage can in Yanklish) trucks taking rubbish to the tip was a minor epiphany. What I had been wrecking my lungs trying to make casting moulds for were being thrown out, just like that, for the next model for which some other poor sod was wrecking his lungs making casting moulds.

But that was the time (late 1960s -early 1970s) when we should have been mobilising; back in 1894 the science was known as to what COULD happen. I would imagine you lot were more worried about being shot at in Vietnam, though statistically living in the USA was more dangerous when one compares deaths by gun in the USA between 1965 and 1975 with the number killed by the Vietnamese in Vietnam.

Although even if we had started getting stroppy about Anthropogenic Global Heating, and hadn't been laughed at, China and India were then hell-bent on industrialising and India was also hell-bent on overpopulating itself. Not to mention other countries in SE Asia.

Since then it has just got worse; my son's generation are happily buying everything new under the sun and want the mansion, now, to go with it. I'll just head to Antarctica and go fishing, since no-one will let me go to Mars ( I gave up Venus years ago; too sulphurous and hot).

However, I wouldn't mind hanging around for another couple of thousand years, just to see how things turn out. I await the glories of bionic engineering.


The second one.


I don't know why you didn't reply directly to me because this comment didn't show up on my notifications list and it is only because I checked back that I caught this ( if this was addressed to me). Old crock? Old coot is the preferred heraldic title. In the words of the great philosopher - Me....

...After a certain point, it isn't about how 'You are as young as you feel'...but it is about how long you last!!!

The idea of Brits making it to Mars seems an oxymoron since the long time spent traveling in space to get to Mars would subject British astronauts to a prolonged period of time in which they would have to rely on British cooking exclusively which has been shown to be hazardous if not inhospitable to life.

I will not mention my contributions to the gene pool of the future since they never call and are annoying even when they do. I get the impression that at least to my progeny that my talking about the imminent toasting of the planet is depressing and no reason spoil a good time come the weekend. I have talked to them since they were in diapers about all this stuff and I suppose that is the problem now. They know it isn't their fault and we (their elders) don't seem to want to fix what we broke.

I hate to say it but they are right. We gloried in wealth and pleasure. Cable TV and cell phones, fast cars and faster divorce lawyers, we had fun and the kids know it. A problem that.

I think they are right. Their elders messed it all up and are continuing to mess it up even more and yet we don't want to do what is necessary fix things. Instead we kind of like tell them that they will have to fix things.

In all honesty George... I think things like this crooked election in the USA is a big mistake. It releases the handcuffs... The cultural restraints. The establishment thinks our kids are apathetic like us but the climate won't allow that. You and I may not see it but ten years from now and twenty for sure... Things are going to pop and by then the establishment will have long lost their credibility and trustworthiness beyond all repair. A very big mistake. This election may trigger unrest that will only keep getting worse and the end result will be a confirmation among the young that what they believe turns out to be true.

Did the establishment create the conditions that brought about a future fascism? When you look at this election...you have to wonder whether they cared about preserving democracy at all. I think they risk much more than Hillary losing. Much more could be lost if she 'wins' by doing things this way.


"The idea of Brits making it to Mars seems an oxymoron since the long
time spent traveling in space to get to Mars would subject British
astronauts to a prolonged period of time in which they would have to
rely on British cooking exclusively which has been shown to be hazardous
if not inhospitable to life. "

As noted, British cooking is why we Brits went out and conquered 25% of thirld's population. Someone somewhere had to be a decent cook. We found them in India, Malaya and Burma and were about to muscle in on Thailand when the pesky Russkies decided to do nasty things to Turkey in 1853, so our lads had to go back to the Crimea and fight for Freedom and Democracy. However, the planned Britsh Mars expedition has now got the opportunity for decent cooking as enough of the Empire has come back to the UK to provide decent food. We are the world's best at stealing things, as per our history, and so we are waiting for either of our traditional victims, the Spanish or French, to build a spaceship capable of getting to Mars. That is my problem; the French and Spanish don't seem to have much of a space progamme and as we are alleged to be allied to Yanklandia, if not the 52nd State thereof, I am not allowed to raid NASA.

As for the future. All we can do is keep keeping on in our own small way. And if one person manages to influence two people who in turn each influence two more and so on ad infinitum, or to a large power of two, critical mass will be reached and things will change. Sanders is managing that in the USA; every now and then the USA turns up some remarkable people and that is where your revolutionary tradition, bloody-minded and irritating litiginous attitude and Constitution are admirable. I hope sincerely that the momentum that Sanders has created does not fail even should HRC or DT get elected as POTUS, but rather that it is used to effect changes in your Senates and Congresses at State and Federal levels.This momentum would also aid needed changes in the other western countries as it would change thinking there, too.