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Breaking from Saudi Arabia! Two-Month-Old Misleading News


Breaking from Saudi Arabia!!! Two-Month-Old Misleading News

Marcy Wheeler

This Reuters exclusive is getting a lot of careless attention. Here’s what a careless reader learns:



This just in: US mainstream media is highly corrupt
Still, needs to be continually pointed out..


And why do they hate us??????


A reminder: Mainstream media is a part of the state. This propaganda article - and its release date - serve(s) a purpose yet to be learned.


It is strange how much influence Israel and Saudi Arabia have over the US governing boss class. It's as if they're both blackmail extortionists who have something really really nasty on the US leadership that just can't be revealed or the whole elite crew would qualify for Guantanamo with waterboarding.

Both nations can perpetrate human rights violations on a massive scale: the Saudis kill their own citizens at the drop of a head, the Israelis treat their subject Palestinian people the way the Europeans always treated the Jews. But hey, though official US policy condemns all such practices and is forever speaking out with admonitions against countries the elites don 't like who do such things.

But it's OK if Israel or Saudi Arabia does such things; it's fine because they are "important allies." I always feel that there is "something more" behind these special privileges than what's been explained or admitted to so far.


Like the establishment democratic party, the media does not see that they have lost their legitimacy.

The US is complicit in genocide through alliances with Saudi Arabia and Israel and the media provides propaganda support.

This recent article by Matt Taibbi describes how the media continues its self destruct path in the way they "cover" the presidential election.

The Summer of the Shill Campaign 2016 won't just have lasting implications for American politics. It's obliterated what was left of our news media

Now that it is clear to many that the political parties are corrupt, time for news organizations to follow the same path by being advertising background for the billions that they get in campaign spending. Remember when it was exposed that W Bush folks were publishing infomercials and sending them out as government studies? Now the parties don't even have to go that far because the corporate media has learned the dance.....

What's crucial to understand is that a great many commercial media outlets now are not so much liberal-leaning as Democratic-Party leaning.

There's a huge difference between advocacy journalism and electoral advocacy. Not just occasionally but all the time now, private news organizations are doing the work that political parties used to have to pay for in the form of ads.

In the same way that Fox used to (and probably still does) save on reporting and research costs by simply regurgitating talking points from the RNC, blue-leaning cable channels are running segments and online reports that are increasingly indistinguishable from Democratic Party messaging.


When the writers of such articles ( Wheeler, et al ) finally break clear of the tethering nature of nuanced " journalism " and tell the people what the real consequences of our foreign policy is; well, something might change. For the good of the planet and citizens around the world, that is. We continually read about disastrous climate change, wars everywhere in resource rich developing countries, refugees by the hundreds of millions and despotic relationships among the elites and their toadies in international governmental agencies; yet, the war drums continue to pound out a rhythm not unlike the sound of an old, worn out typewriter. It seems like an unnecessary duplication of sounds, often times.


"...support we're giving Saudi Arabia ... refueling their airstrikes..."

To the tune of how may millions of gallons of oil?

But we're supposed to drive Priuses.


Our freedom of course.