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Breaking News: Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning's Sentence


Breaking News: Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning's Sentence

Nika Knight, staff writer

President Barack Obama has commuted noted whistleblower Chelsea Manning's prison sentence, and Manning will be released on May 17 of this year.

While Manning was reportedly on Obama's short list for commutations, many were shocked that the president—notorious for dealing harshly with whistleblowers—followed through.


Heh, just posted about this.

Finally, some good news.


Fantastic news!


What does 'largely commute' mean exactly? Glad for Manning but Peltier still languishes in prison. It would take extraordinary courage to free Peltier and incur the wrath of the FBI and given Obama's true conservatism tragically I don't think he will free him.


At last — some great news!
I'm so happy!
May you have the great life you deserve, Chelsea!


Good move by Obama. But remember that it has been his regime of whistleblower punishment that has kept her in a cage for 7 years, as well as imprisoning other whistleblowers, to begin with.

Now, what about Snowden?


This is long awaited news. So very happy she will get out and live. Hope this doesn't mean Assange is going to turn himself in.


Excellent news!

I can only wonder as to what Assange will do now and how Herr Trump and his new regime deal with that.


I still get the feeling that this is something that Andy Borowitz would write. It is entirely out of character for Obama to do anything positive for a whistleblower.


Great news.

I just hope that there is no chance of Trump's administration delaying or adding more charges.


A light in the dark of this year. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!


i'm shocked. This is the best thing Obama has done as US President.


Congratulations to Chelsea Manning! Congratulations to Obama!
If president Obama did anything good and sensible during his tenure, it was this act of late benevolence.
The only other act of benevolence that is still out in the air is: To let Edward Snowden return to his home country in peace.


Excellent. But why not today?


A spot of brightness in an otherwise glum several months.


And Pelletier!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes!!! Good for Chelsea Manning. Good for President Obama.


I wouldn't be celebrating just yet as Obama didn't do this out of the kindness of his heart. He wants Snowden and Assange. Either one will do, and both have stated if Manning was pardoned, they would return to the states. I need to find those articles once more as I may be recalling Snowden's remarks incorrectly. I know Assange made that promise which stuns me. He cannot get a fair trial here. He will be Gitmo'd. That also applies to Snowden if he is not pardoned. Both are far more valuable than Manning is.

I'm glad he's going to be free but this is going to prove out to be a very expensive pardon for the other two. Doing deals with the US is never a good idea. The US always deals from the bottom of the deck. Always.


Let's hope this comes to fruition and that more improtantly, her healing from this whole experience comes soon after.


Yes to that, too.