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Breaking News: The Rich Discover Inequality


Breaking News: The Rich Discover Inequality

Jeff Faux

After forty years of rising income and wealth inequality, some of America's rich seem worried that maybe things have gone too far. In a recent New York Times Op Ed (August 9), for example, Peter Georgescu, CEO emeritus of the multinational public relations firm, Young and Rubicon, wrote that he is "scared" of a backlash that might lead to social unrest or "oppressive taxes."

The Times was so impressed with such enlightened views from this prominent capitalist that a few days later they devoted another long article with his answers to questions submitted by readers.


This paragraph by Mr. Faux is the perfect answer to those in this forum–and elsewhere–who put the onus on Labor for losing its Union “mojo” as if THAT outcome occurred in a vacuum or across a level political & economic playing field:

“Despite all the hard thought and study Georgescu claims he has put into this problem (he’s writing a book on it), he is also silent on the central role that his own corporate class has played in undercutting the bargaining power of the majority of Americans who work for a living. For these past four decades, CEOs have waged a relentless political war against trade unions, minimum wages, labor market regulation and public sector programs that in the past helped offset the natural advantages of capital over labor in a market economy.”


Just started reading but couldn’t wait on this:

“… the multinational public relations firm, Young and Rubicon…”

OMG that is hilarious! My stepdad worked for Chrysler and their PR firm Young and Rubicam…

We’ve crossed the Rubicon! No turning back now!


And this is the same car company that is building Ram trucks that explode when they are rear-ended … now that’s a damn good way to get rid of all the peons Georgescu is ‘afraid’ of! :rage:


" … ‘scared’ of … ‘oppressive taxes.’" I read an article not too long ago that said the typical middle class worker is taxed at least 17% – I’d say it’s closer to 30%, but I won’t fight that battle right now – while robber barons like Georgescu typically pay nothing, and some even get millions in subsidies from the government. Oppressive for him is probably paying 10% while I think his kind should be paying at least 90%!


“Despite all the hard thought and study Georgescu claims he has put into this problem (he’s writing a book on it) …”
Riiiiight; I’d say he’s probably having someone ghost write it in his name, and he’s probably paying him as cheaply as possible to do it!

Pwr 2 the UNDERPAID peons!


Why, what a coincidence Mr. Georgescu, I’m writing a book too!

Or, as the Mikado sang: “I’ve got a little list…”


“Marat, we’re poor, and the poor stay poor
Marat, don’t make us wait anymore.
We want our rights…and we don’t care how!
We want our revolution…NOW!”


Liberal rich are rare as unicorns. Neoliberal rich are a dime a dozen.


''Georgescu is thus a prime example of the liberal rich, who would prefer to see a somewhat fairer society, but not if it requires any reduction in their own wealth and privileges"

It’s a prime example of most people who talk the talk but when i come times to walk the walk they stumble.

Here some more:
Everybody wants “single payer”. As long as they don’t have to pay more.
Clean energy, sure. As long as we don’t have to pay more for it. And the wind turbines better be out of our sight.
Longer vacations? Yes, but the salary should stay the same.
Get a hybrid, or electrical vehicle? By all means, as long as the government subsidizes it.
Free secondary education? Of course but don’t make them take any test to get only the deserving ones get in.

It’s just human nature.