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Breaking: Russia's Ambassador to Turkey Shot in Apparent Assassination Attempt


Breaking: Russia's Ambassador to Turkey Shot in Apparent Assassination Attempt

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

This post will be updated.

Russia's ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, was reportedly been shot Monday in Ankara, Turkey and appears to be "in a critical state."

According to the embassy "Karlov was shot by a gun while making a speech at a painting exhibition in the Turkish capital," Turkish news outlet Hurriyet reported.


Not Good. Not Good At All.


One World War got started due to an assassination, history does indeed repeat it might seem.


"Someone" does not want any kind of "settlement" in the Syria mess................


I wonder if they have ties to a certain superpower that loves Endless War and hates Russia.


Yeah, it's not who pulls the trigger, it's who buys the bullets,



In a press conference given some time ago one John Kirby issued what was seen by Russia as a veiled threat when he stated that unless Russia complied with US desires in Syria its citizens would be coming home in body bags.

More recently Barack Obama stated that the US response to alleged Russian interfering in US elections would be secret and not made public.

These types of pronouncements and veiled threats, no matter who behind the assassination attempt makes this even more dangerous.


The neocons and the MIC are creaming in their jeans over the prospect of WWIII. Throwing a trillion or so at the nuclear triad is just the beginning. They will absolutely have to gut the rest of the budget to pay for it all despite what Trump has promised. He has tried to align himself with the military and the Zionists but they are smiling at his naivete. The Donald is just an actor after all, an expendable one, in the biggest reality show ever.


the Obama administration is only blamed by the tea baggers who voted for President elect Toupee.


No doubt about it! And that brings us back to cui bono? Since Turkey is a NATO protected country, I would not be surprised if the dirty hands of the CIA are somehow involved in this assassination.


The question is not who is the patsy who pulled the trigger, but rather who gave the orders, who supplied the logistics, the planning, training, intelligence, and the money.

Russian retaliation will be against those entities, whether they are individuals, groups or nation states.


Are you referring to Hillary?


More like the U.S. government and the MIC as a whole.


This is a terrible thing.
But is it any different from Obama (and most likely soon to be Trump) assassinating people via drones or special forces?
Both are terribly wrong and counter-productive to peace.


Big Oil's, oily fingerprints are all over the violence in the Middle East. And Big oil owns the USA and EU.


This is not good Be prepared for another war. WW III perhaps? We all know it is coming. Why don't we just get it over with?


Thank god we have the new York Times to rely on for the facts...


2016 has already been a terrible year. It still has 12 days to go for broke and end it all.


Or, one of the CIA's local affiliates. The perp got away? Wow! Some patsy, maybe a Kurd, will be shot dead never to tell his tale.


The blowback from the U.S. attempt to overthrow Assad now seems virtually endless.