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Breaking the Fourth Wall of Democracy


Breaking the Fourth Wall of Democracy

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy

The third debate between between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was troubling. As many commentators said, Trump broke one of our last taboos by refusing to say he will accept the outcome of the American election. He has been flirting and winking at this position for a week as he told attendees at his rallies that the election is being “rigged.” But now he said this on a national stage with millions watching.


Well spoken. Our 200+ year old tradition of peaceful transitions in power and political continuity, unblemished by periods of military dictatorship like other republics, is rooted in the universal acceptance of electoral outcomes. Trump threatens this and must be decisively rejected.


Election 2000 proved that agreeing to accept the results without question is tacit approval of corrupting and/or rigging elections.

The SCOTUS, not the voters, determined the outcome of the 200 election making any claims of 200 plus years of accepting electoral outcomes BOGUS.


What Democratic process? It is rigged! Bernie said so, too. We will never gave a Democracyvwith the Into s and the DNC in office. They are corrupt! Everyone knows it and so do you!


Trump's speech signified disdain of WHAT "democratic process"?
Is this piece attempting to re-write what people know took place in 2000, in 2004, probably in 2008, 2012, and most blatantly, in this year's democratic party primary?

To let stolen rigged outright fake results stand is what signifies disdain of any "democratic process".


There is no lack of evidence for manipulation of the vote so Trump is responding. Plenty of people say the rig is on.
There can only be a tabu if the system is transparently straight. No tabu needs to be invoked in other sases.


"accept the results, as Al Gore did in 2000. "

Apparently, either the author was, or thinks we were, born yesterday to push this absurdly offensive concept that is contradicted by the facts: Al Gore won Florida and by doing so, won the presidential election but he failed to vigorously contest that corrupt vote count and Supreme Court decision and therefore wasn't allowed to take office.


Who are those people? Which authorities do you speak of? Project Veritas?


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