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Breaking the ICE


Breaking the ICE

Robert C. Koehler

Perhaps the best political news of the Trump era has been the emergence of sanctuary cities — city governments valuing the presence of immigrants and standing for the protection of their right to live without fear — and their defiance of this country’s current manifestation of legal racism.


Simply marvelous article, Robert! Thanks to you and Common Dreams! As you so eloquently remind us, history is replete with these kinds of persecution…always ending in horror. We must
resist these things in any and all ways that we can. These are driven by the very darkest of human traits, and must be seen for what they are. And they must be called out for what they are, an existential threat to all of our remaining values of humanity.


As long as the electoral system is working this problem can still be dealt with. It is the Republican Party that is allowing this to happen. They have simply given racist authoritarian free reign. Probably many people in the recent Pennsylvania election voted for Conor Lamb mainly because of this kind of problem. They no doubt saw the country drifting toward fascism and voted for democracy. Lamb won overwhelmingly in suburban Allegheny County. Those votes were enough to overcome the all voters three rural counties who voted for a man who claimed to be Trump before Trump.




““I see parallels in today’s America.”

Methinks if Mr. Patrick Weidhaas’ grandmother would still be alive she would slap the ignorant brat over the head (even tho he himself is in his late 70s) for comparing the holocaust with deportation of illegal immigrants. But, hey Mr. Weidhaas prolly got a public school education in the US so total ignorance of history is a given


the far far right has infiltrated all positions in police dept and customs.

So they are acting on their own in hunting good families like dogs.

USA is now resurrecting nazi mentality… starting with the orange DICK


holocaust … deported people are killed when they are deported to El Salvador, usa PD personnel torture, kill and brutilize un-documented.


Seriously, are you that ignorant?