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Breaking Up Families? America Looks Like a Dickens Novel


Breaking Up Families? America Looks Like a Dickens Novel

Sarah Bilston

The news has been full these past few weeks of disturbing stories from the nation’s borders.


We could say that a certain segment of every population experienced the Dickensian dystopia since Oliver Twist.

It is the very hope that capitalistic model has provided that has induced the massive population explosion in countries that have a drip line from the economies that needed the man power.
These are China for manufacturing, India for manpower, Us bourgeoisie for gullibility, and Mexico for farm and hard labor.

Now that the economic system has been co opted by the oligarchs and a detailed analysis of future possibilities has only been begun by the likes Thomas Piketty, we are in for a whole lot hurt.

Tears will be a least of our problems - Suicides, disease epidemics and the like are about go through the roof.

Welcome to the darkness.


Yes. The title could be also "America is going to look like a Dickens Hovel.

Personpower is abundant, so wages stay low and prisons proliferate.

The one percent dances to the bank.


Interesting analogy. Of course, Trump’s policy is all based on racism. His supporters do not want non-whites immigrating to the US. legally or illegally. A poll showed that almost 10% of this US population agrees with the neo-Nazis who are concerned the white race will disappear because of liberal policies on immigration. Other racists may not have that concern but believe the races should be separated. Some may have no particular view but simply believe the US has too many non-white Hispanics. It has been found that about 90% of Republicans support Trump so this type of brutal policy on the boarder may pay big dividends in November. Pretty much anythings that stirs up the left will shore up Trump’s support on the right.


Every thinking person should read Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century (2014) and then perhaps reread Edward Abbey’s The Monkey Wrench Gang (1975).


“…Marches and acts of political disobedience followed, including riots and arson against the new-built workhouses, with many Victorians uniting around the sanctity of the family…” How many 'liberals actually give a damn for the ‘sanctity of marriage’?

Yeah lets engage in an orgy of virtue signaling. But really that is just selective use of children as a stage prop to push political agendas rather than any real and actual blanket concern for children and their families!

How many ‘liberals’ actually give a damn for the decades of system separation of western society children from at least one parent and that sometimes that separation winds up for ever?

How many ‘liberals’ have ever spoken up about the routine acceptance in our western societies of 50% marriage failure and especially those bearing ‘our’ children? Given all credible research points to, on average, more negative outcomes for those kids coming out of broken homes. Where is your concern for those kids?

How many ‘liberals’ have ever spared a thought for the increased rates of suicide (alongside other less extreme dysfunctions) that arise for parents and youth entangled in the legal money making sewer that is ‘family’ court and with the effects of legally allowed child alienation? Where in our western societies is there the social and legal assumptions of 50/50 care/custody post divorce…that would be actually equality for parents as well as recognising the rights of the children to open access to both parents as per this bs outrage over illegal immigrants.

I’m sure ‘you’ will just carry on with selective outrage that pushes the real agenda of the so called ‘left’ in the 21st century that of serving or co-option of/by the globalist agenda and to hell with blood family…the kids…and cohesive community.


You’re painting with an awfully broad bush there Max.


Those who abide by the label of liberal include neither everyone who consider themselves warpath feminists, nor those who benefit economically from a rigged system.

The coopting of the term feminist by those who can only define things through their scorched earth world view, have taken over the entire social aspects of the family seperation. The extortion of money to dignify the careers of many attorneys is done by judges to keep the system going as well There is at least some overlap in those two categories.

The liberal, who maybe unaffected by the morbid court system that deals with family issues, may still have an attitude of justice for those poor children who are being ravaged brutally by purely right wing agenda.

I have been severely affected by the divorce system, with my daughter being held captive and regularly abused by a mentally unstable mother. I have lost my job twice and have incurred debt to continue to pay my very high child support. I have come up time and time against people in the system that treat me with disdain and brush aside my concerns because iI am a man.

To suggest that there should be no due process for the families involved in the struggle of their legal status is wrong. We know that process itself can be rigged, and eventually the families and the children would all be deported. Then you can equate the system of immigration courts to the family courts.

But to remove the children forcibly from the parents with the help of armed muscular military is a co opting of democracy, and brutality akin to ethnic cleansing.

Where are the liberals to go against the injustice of our family courts? Well at least I am here, seemingly helpless as I may be.

What would you like me to do?
I cannot save my own daughter.
But I can voice on this web site my pain.


No wonder suicide rates are rising at such alarming rates.


“Where in our western societies is there the social and legal assumptions of 50/50 care/custody post divorce”

Start with Norway … http://www.nyinorge.no/en/Familiegjenforening/New-in-Norway/Families-and-children-in-Norway-/Divorce/Care-for-children-in-connection-with-the-breakdown-of-a-relationship/


Thanks for that…glad that Norway is apparently recognising fathers as equal. Is there effort to maintain intactness of blood family or is any ‘family’ just as good as blood family? Do you have non gender studies department research supporting as good as outcome for children, on average, from divorce vs intact family?

50/50 parenting in its strict sense as a legal and social assumption does not exist here in NZ, Australia, US, Britain…sure there are differences across the west but the broad aim of feminism especially that co-opted by the neo-liberal agendas was to weaken men and thus work place union power through destruction of family and flooding the workplace with more compliant workers as they exported ‘real’ work to the third world among other stuff.


Sorry to hear about your stuff…also called myself liberal/left for 40 years of my adult life…even through my extreme experiences in ‘family’ court (also mentally ill mother) in the 1990’s and through my 4 years of sociology including ‘gender’ papers trying to understand what had happened in the legal sewer to parenting and best interests of the children! Sorry what is going on now is not liberal or left that I understood in the 20th century. In case you did not notice it is the ‘left’ via feminism that has been driving the breakdown of blood family and thus cohesive community. Like I say the concern for children from the ‘left’ is very selective!
If interested see fem writer Nancy Fraser for her take on the intertwining of the fems and neo-liberal agendas. She claims unintended consequences and ‘cunning of history’…I say exactly as intended by the marketplace!


2nd reply…never said anything about not protesting the treatment of kids at the border…but was saying something against SELECTIVE concerns for children and from the article quote probably actually zero concerns for the sanctity of marriage from 21st century ‘left’/‘liberals’.

Our media here in NZ is also ‘raging’ over Trump/border treatment of kids. Yet a distraught father alienated from his kids burnt himself to death at our Parliament before last general elections…we do not have a history of suicide by fire…complete media and politician silence (despite pending elections). A recent Australian study made the claim that 50 fathers, 10 mothers and 7 youth kill themselves each week while entangled in the ‘family’ court or with child alienation…again complete silence from liberal captured msm. Where is the ‘lefts’ outrage over this? This is ‘our’ children that are crying…alongside parents made distraught in a system that benefits from that pain…that creates dysfunctional adults for the industries that hover around divorce and dysfunction of people. Sorry the protests to me ring hollow.