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Breakthrough? Iran Accepts Invite for Syria Peace Talks with US, Russia


Breakthrough? Iran Accepts Invite for Syria Peace Talks with US, Russia

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

In what could be a diplomatic breakthrough, Iran on Wednesday accepted an invitation to participate in multilateral Syria peace talks in Vienna, marking the first time the country will engage in such a summit that includes the United States, Russia, and other powers.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and a "high-ranking diplomatic delegation" will attend the meeting on Friday, a government spokesperson stated on Wednesday.


Why should the Syrians be there? Were the Czechs welcomed at the Munich talks? No. Of course not....

hmmm, I don't like where my post is going. :frowning:

I'll shut up now.


As far as I am concerned, if the U.S. is at any "peace talks", it discredits the entire meeting. The rest of the world is quite aware that the U.S. is nothing more than an extension of corporate America.


"Now in its fifth year, Syria's armed conflict has killed over 250,000
people and displaced 7.5 million internally and over 4 million
externally. The country's life expectancy has dropped from 75.9 in 2010 to 55.7 in 2014, and 80 percent of its people live in poverty."

And yet, not one mention of who destabilized Syria, who is trying to overthrow the Syrian government, who is arming the so-called resistance.


I applaud Iran for accepting the offer but am sceptical of US motives. US lap-dog servility toward Israeli racist expansionism and war crimes has always been the ruling factor - cringing fear of the "anti-Semitism" card - maybe that's changing, maybe it's a ploy. US war crimes and agenda must be put on the table at least as well as Deash atrocities. Last night's "Frontline" show on the Syria tragedy and who the players are, was a good beginning for the public perhaps seeing there is more going-on than Uncle Sugar's lies and propaganda the craven MSM dutifully vomits forth.



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It didn't mention Israel being in attendance, either. Are their interests being looked after by the Saudis and the GCCs? By the U.S. and Britain, perhaps? And, Turkey is being invited for what reason, exactly? To get GPS coordinates on the Kurd positions, maybe? Who, with drones, would give them such a thing? Sen. Lindsey Graham called this Syria exercise " half assed ". And, he should certainly know from " half assed ", and what constitutes " half assed ". His language, and that of Sen. Grumpy McCain, should be pointed out to johnescher, Miss Manners at WaPo and CD officials, immediately, I think. And, Syria not attending is pretty odd. Do they think they're possibly " turning the tide " since Russia and Iran have engaged in the diplomatic version of The Thunder Dome; " two men enter, one man leave. " And, poor Iraq is being blown into smaller versions of smithereens every day. They keep saying, " we didn't ask for American troops, we've got lots of boots already. They're full of blood, too. " Since when does it matter what people in their own countries want, including USains, to the PTB and the MIC? There are bigger fish to fry and endless wars to fight, right?


That's one of the blessings of endless war in the MENA. You constantly have the Welcome Wagon in your neighborhood, so to speak. :wink: Just look at Israel's version of North American Van Lines: 2 adults, 7 kids and a cart pulled by a donkey. :sunglasses:


Thank God they did not invite those belligerent Israelis!


Mrsannhitts, my thoughts are that the US will be representing Israel (by proxy), and that Russia will represent Syria by proxy. What I don't understand is why Turkey is bombing the Kurds.


SaintJimmy, thanks for your informative response.


The Ottoman (Turkish) Empire used the Kurds to help kill off around 1 million Armenians and I gather that the Kurds were happy to oblige.


Because the Kurds, if they had their whey, would rather have a separate state carved out of part of Turkey and part of Iraq and probably part of Syria as well and they would then control some serious oil-fields. Abraham Lincoln had a similar problem with the Confederates.


This guy?


George, I see what you did there (Kurds and whey) -- that was good. Thanks very much. Will have to do some research on the Kurds.


Forever talking about peace and forever waging wars is the American way. We even have a Nobel Peace prize president who continued the Bush/Cheney wars and added a couple of his own, all the while talking about peace.


Didn't they already live in a proximate location until TPTB went in and drew lines (iirc, after WWI?)?

I can believe, though, that they would look to expand to include as much oil as possible.

You'd think that at least the European heads of these corpses would see the wisdom of turning away from fossil fuels. These disasters are ever expanding.


This is great. Thank you.


Yes; the post-WW1 boundaries in the Middle East are somewhat an artificial construction by the British and the French.


WOW, Iran at the table of power. What happened USA???? can't just drop bombs and fix this situation??