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Breakthrough? Swedish Prosecutor Drops Refusal to Interview Assange in UK


Breakthrough? Swedish Prosecutor Drops Refusal to Interview Assange in UK

Jon Queally, staff writer

Both a lawyer and spokesperson for Wikileaks expressed relief on Friday that Swedish prosecutors are now willing travel to London to interview founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange, even as they characterized as ridiculous that fact that it took well over four years to accept such an arrangement.


Will the next step in this dance be the lodging of charges after the interview, requiring that he appear in Sweden to stand trial?

Or will the chargesaccusations be dropped so that he can be abducted, perhaps by Mossad, when he leaves the embassy?


This secret indictments, with secret evidence and secret ruling garbage has to go. Only because a leak revealed that Assange was under extradition risk by the US, is he still a free man trapped in an Embassy.

Obama’s war on Whistleblowers should result in a Watergate impeaching the scumbag himself.


The"'abduction and rendition", “suicide” or outright assassination once Assange is out of the embassy IS THE PLAN. No way will the US back down after such a long siege. This is in the same vein as the US/NATO media BS “Snowden coming home IF he can get a fair trial”. Nonsense.

The US/NATO does NOT play fair. So unless Assange leaves the embassy in a massively protected armoured car phalanx, and heads straight to the airport for a direct private jet flight to Russia, he’s a dead man.


If I recall correctly, the charges lodged (coming out of the sphere of unprotected sex), not by a private complainant, but by the government, arose after two women wondered whether he might, after having unprotected sex with Assange, have any STD - and what their recourse might be to find out. They were not interested in pressing charges, again, if I recall correctly. This flew out of their hands with the speed of a jet bomber launching from an aircraft carrier and little more was heard before they disappeared completely from entire scenario.

The hard-line linearity of the trajectory of narrative control in this case is, in my opinion, a very interesting perspective on the state/State of human institutions in and of itself.

It seems to indicate the extent to which institutions are challenged by their own macro power narratives to sweep all chicks under the wing of the hen. Or is it a predatory hawk now being shown to being hoisting its own long nested petard?

I am reminded of the image evoked by the mathematical model of the Sierpinski triangle/pyramid algorithm.

notable is that the outside appears intact while magnification of reduction continues to be reproduced.


Julian Assange has been in the Ecuador embassy for far to long under bogus sex charges from Sweden, which even if true, do not warrant his arrest. But of course, we all know the real reason for these bogus charges.


I guess that this news is good. We’ll have to see what the puppet Ny does after the interview.

The saddest part of this spectacle has been the realization of how much Sweden is under Washington’s thumb. Britain’s behavior, while deplorable, has not been surprising.



You seem like an exceptionally disgusting person.


No charges to be dropped - only suspicians/accusations, but no charges.


I guess you have a friend in Quito too, huh?



“abducted, perhaps by Mossad.”

No issue or locale is distant enough to keep you monomania from surfacing, is it?


You’re right, of course, and thanks. Correction made (insofar as possible with the crappy notation available in this new, 1970s-style commenting system)


I’ll look it up.
And then there is in physics the concept of the ‘attractor’. History, particularly that which is institutionally siloed and sieved, drives from behind. Human beings are very, very familiar with the components of these two aspects of the universe, albeit frequently degraded in the social. “Carrot and stick”, beyond the behavioral context, is another way of saying ‘past and future’, ‘process and content’. Ideals, in the proper sense, are inclusive, fearless and loving, much as novelty and conservation in the universe. In some models of the universe (cooling since ‘the big bang’, for instance) increases ‘novelty’ by ‘conserving’ the novel to create increasing novelty ( from cooling plasma to atoms and molecules and complex organisms).
What I’m getting at is - what would our social model of the universe look like if we actually aligned with a conscious dynamic of ‘attractor’? It is used in propaganda/advertising and the selling of power, but fraught with institutionalized exclusionary holes/externalization/marginalizations. And I would submit that human rituals, from daily personal activities to social interactions, are actually constructed in unconscious/unidentified alignment with the principle of ‘conserving’ novelty in order to maintain the presence of the attractor of the ‘ideal’. Ideology then would then seem to be the institutionalized perversion/veiling of the actual dynamic of the attractor.


And Happy PI Day to you!


I surely hope Julian will be set free to live a normal life. I can’t imagine him being able to return to Australia. Good luck to him and many thanks for his refuge over the past four years from a government that was willing to stand up for freedom of the press rather than simply mouthing platitudes.


So you didn’t make any friends there either.



In what way, exactly? For being obliged to extradite Assange to Sweden under an EAW as they are compelled to do under the EU wide Maastericht treaty of 1992 long before the Assange afffair even existed? What would you have them do, renege on a treaty they have signed up to and facilitiate the destruction of legal and EU-wide cooperative precedents? Before this warrant Assange was living freely in the UK able to go wherever he wished to.