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'Breathtaking and Terrifying': UN Food Relief Agency Partners With CIA-Funded Software Firm Palantir


'Breathtaking and Terrifying': UN Food Relief Agency Partners With CIA-Funded Software Firm Palantir

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The CIA-funded California software firm Palantir Technologies and the World Food Program (WFP) have announced a five-year $45 million partnership that data privacy and human rights advocates are describing as "breathtaking and terrifying" as well as "horribly irresponsible and potentially incredibly harmful."


Can you see the CIA&friends using this information to target impoverished populations to test their latest weapons/equipment ?


Can you say ‘weaponized’ and ‘criminal enterprise’ ? Simply go onto youtube and search “CIA in Africa” and scan the entries.

Add to that Consortium newsThe Conflicted Boeing Executive Running Trump’s Pentagon

Heck, even Kitty is channeling Naomi Klein on this one


Should we be afraid that “WFP is jumping headlong into something they don’t understand”

Or into something they do?

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Anyone who still thinks the CIA ever acts with a noble intent at this point is simply deluded past the point of insanity.
Whatever psychopathic scheme they have in mind, it does not bode well for WFP recipients.
Keep in mind that we may all be WFP recipients soon as the global food supply keeps dwindling at an alarming rate, while humanity keeps multiplying.


“Palantir was co-founded by billionaire and Republican donor Peter Thiel - a supporter of President Donald Trump - with seed money from the CIA’s venture capital arm.
Translation, a billionaire was given seed money for a business from either CIA drug profits, or taxpayer money.


I can see them as a rogue agency that does just about anything for any entity for a return.

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Little to no feedback control.


All indications are that the CIA’s main revenue is no longer drugs and weapons, but comes from their investment companies and their bank (yes they have their own bank).
Guess it is not hard to make “wise” investments if you already know in advance when someone in power is going to get killed or when an area will be drone bombed.

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That may be, but who do you think was behind the explosion of poppy growing in Afghanistan a few years ago, that also dramatically increased heroin availability here in the US? The Taliban had reduced the growing to almost nothing a few years before the US showed up.

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Obviously i am not suggesting they would ever abandon their drug revenues. After all, they spent over two decades acquiring what likely amounts to a global monopoly by now.
Just pointing out that it is even more lucrative to speculate in a volatile market when you are often the cause of said volatility.

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Is this V for Vendetta playing out in front of our eyes?


Why would we “give” anything to the CIA? The agency that probably “steals” the most stuff of any other part of government.