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Breathtaking In Its Stupidity


Breathtaking In Its Stupidity

Oh, Wisconsin. It wasn't bad enough your “exceptionally incompetent (and) exceptionally irresponsible” governor just tried to defend his indefensible mandated ultrasounds by declaring them "a cool thing," like a selfie in the womb. Now, in what educators call "a race to the bottom," Walker's GOP lawmakers want to further trash the state's economy and education by allowing high school dropouts to teach in public schools. Because who needs good teachers, schools or minds?


And little Scottie Walker is a ‘shining’ example of the inbreeding you so astutely state in your comment:

What a worthless p.o.s. he truly is!


Dropouts are so good they can even run for president. However, not such a good idea when you enter the real world. Right, Scottie?


Although Walker is very devious, Zimet’s assertion that he is incompetent is inaccurate. He and his corporate bosses have proven to be very competent at rapidly advancing the agenda of their American Taliban Party (formerly known as the GOP).


I was afraid this might discriminate against primary school dropouts or those raised by wolves, but the relevant experience clause opens it up to anyone.

I have experience with weather - exposed to it almost every day of my life. So I’d be considered qualified to teach climate science in Wisconsin.

If they had any classes on that.


This likely has something to do with TISA (the trade deal) thats what is behind all the stuff about minimum wage and all the stuff about credentialing.

The US is under major pressure to open up its services market.

Under WTO-GATS there are “four modes of supply”

Mode Four is used for “balancing” exports and imports. The more jobs you can put on the table the more “water” (leverage) you have.

K12 education represents a lot of jobs to put into play. Will we see them do that? I don’t know.


American Taliban Party – I like that, :wink: it goes quite nicely with my ‘elected terrorists’! And I suppose you really are right as this was the kind of power we voted for in Obama (the kind that worked to get bills passed that would benefit us), and we all know now that not only is he a lawyer, he’s a devious S.O.B. to boot. :angry:


Ok, this is a rough one. So, the idea behind the issues with education is the same that facsist societies develop for their people to enjoy. With the known effects of alpha wave disturbances that the television creates, plus the ignorant understanding of Alpha male, on top of a purposefully destroyed education system, this is all coming together quite well. Now, children, who know their world, will now know that eduction is not necessary, therefore unnecessary. Now go and read the beginning of 1984, by George Orwell and pay attention to his description of the childrens behavior. Be smart people, think.


“Climate science”? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms, for the US Talibans? I don’t think you’d be hired…


MSM and schools train (or condition) people to accept faulty logic and to think illogically and uncritically. The likes of Scott Walker in WI and Harper and his gang in Canada keep getting majority votes because they appeal to reptilian brains and more importantly because their campaigns are shrewdly targeted, whether it’s the tax cuts, which motivate the meanest and most selfish parts of the individual voter, or the dog whistles on social issues (fear of the ethnic Other, fear of crime, hatred of gays, misogyny, contempt for the poor and the disabled, fear of losing control over women’s reproduction…). Of course, hiring high school dropouts to teach won’t necessarily guarantee they will reproduce the right’s ideology among little kids, since many dropouts surely leave school because they see through the crap and have an anarchical, if disorganized, analysis of oppression…


FTA’s (free trade agreements) have some of the most Orwellian double-speak language every invented by the Global Corporate State/New World Order. When one understands even modestly of what one is reading (details of trade agreements) it’s as if one is living in some Monty Python or Mike Myers Dr. Evil movie… sans the humor.

There really are no words in our lexicon of pejoratives to describe the absolute brutality of greed and power seeking these elites possess. They are more addicted to the twin bills of G&P then and advanced drug addict be it cocaine, meth or heroin!

May god/nature/gia save us from their rampage!


If the GOP has the courage to try it, this character may be their next Presidential candidate. I sure hope so. Now that would make my day.


I hope you’ve called the White House to leave that exact message for Mr. Obama, and then followed it up with a handwritten letter to same. He needs us to stand up to him on this joke of an agreement. It is insulting and threatens our futures.


It appears to me that when he was in Chicago, he was closely associated with some seriously dishonest real estate people, who profited from pushing poor people out of public housing and into privatized housing which was then intentionally neglected. They tore down the public housing and built million dollar condominiums for the wealthy.

Another link: Grim proving ground for Obama’s housing policy - The Boston Globe


I think this is all about chipping away at the integrity and respect of the teaching profession, and the public school system. Demoralize teachers, create higher turnover, and it diminishes the core of lifelong professional educators who do things like organize unions and speak with a voice of deep experience within the field. This outcome is also resulting from relentless standardized testing regimes that put enormous stress on teachers and principals and rob good teachers the agency to, you know, teach. It is all about softening up their target (public sector jobs and services) ahead of an intensified push for across the board privatization.


This is very true. Walker’s real puppetmasters are the Koch brothers. Wisconsin is on the cusp of being the Kansas of the Great Lakes States, and that is not good. I lived in Wisconsin most of my adult life and remember well when he was the Milwaukee County Executive. What he did to Milwaukee County he is now doing to the state. What he does to Wisconsin he would do to the country – IF he is the Republican party nominee. Our country can simply not afford a President Walker.