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Breitbart Goes to Bat for Roy Moore Amid Accusations He Sexually Assaulted Teenage Girl


Breitbart Goes to Bat for Roy Moore Amid Accusations He Sexually Assaulted Teenage Girl

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Breitbart's piece on the accusations more closely resembled a "press release" for Moore than a news story, argued one journalist


My barometer for those who are most likely to be caught in this kind of scandal are those who most loudly scream about the faults of others – especially with respect to the same or similar charges.

Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.


True. Like the most jingoistic conservatives tend to be the ones that dodged the draft doing the Vietnam War.


Breitbart and Bannon are batting a thousand when it comes to backing politicos who wantonly prey on women…preferably the younger, the better… Can it get any uglier…just wait for the dawning of another day?!

Bigots, brigands, and bat-shit crazy bxxtxxrds. They are burying themselves one shovel-full at a time.


“Screaming about the faults of others” or objectifying same is meant to deflect focusing on the screamers who, in their twisted minds, are piously perfect.


Another hypocrite in the republican ranks. Are there any who aren’t?


When will the American people stand up and put an end to these people being anywhere near the strings of power in American government? It is time!


Naturally, someone as “bat shit” crazy as Breitbart is, is going to go “to bat” for another “bat shit” crazy like Moore.


There were but they have either quit or were primaried. Most of them have died of mortification.


We should not forget the Madge Oberholtzer testimony about D.C. Stephenson, the Grand Dragon of the Indiana Klan, raping her back in 1925. That led to the quick downfall of the Klan as a widely supported group back then. I hope “Judge” Moore similarly finds himself going to prison and others of his political ilk experience a similar rapid decline.


So much is being thrown at the Republicans; from the Paradise Papers, Russian collusion/conspiracy mashup, Congressional and national sexual assault scandals, NRA shuck-and-jiving obfuscation, et al.
Somebody (?) really wants to stamp TOXIC on this bunch’s foreheads before 11/2018 elections.
Here’s to hoping they succeed.


I would add another T word: treacherous.


At least child molesting isn’t adultery. It’s kidery. Roy Moore is notorious for posting “Thou shall not commit adultery” outside of his courthouse.


Of course when we have a president that openly admitted to sexually assaulting women this may only be a blip on the radar. But I hope it derails him entirely. This man is dangerous, for many reasons. He was removed from Alabama’s Supreme Court twice. Yet he’s like the Energizer Bunny, he keeps going and going…It’s time the battery fried and this pious fool faded away. Perhaps there will be an indictment, that just might be enough. Proving the case though will be difficult. I’ve watched enough "Law and Order, SVU to know these cases are hard to prove especially with no evidence or police records. I’ve arrived late today, I finished “Alas, Babylon” by Pat Frank, a good book for sure.


Republican Party - IMMORAL


I would like to add: traitorous


All this noise coming out of Breitbart is meant to cover the skeletons rattling around in their own closets. Methinks.


Why is it that so many male religious fanatics, cult leaders and fundamentalists seem to be attracted to under age girls?


So far it seems to only politician or CEO to not have the decency to resign after assault charges is Trump.


Roy Moore is among the Walking Dead and is just as disgusting…