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Brett Kavanaugh Can’t Be Trusted. We Know Because We Worked as Counsel to Senators When He Was in the Bush White House

Brett Kavanaugh Can’t Be Trusted. We Know Because We Worked as Counsel to Senators When He Was in the Bush White House

Kristine Lucius, Jeff Berman

We watched the testimony of Judge Brett Kavanaugh before the Senate Judiciary Committee with dismay and disbelief. His many misleading and false statements cast serious doubt on whether he should be confirmed to a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. The events of this weekend only make it clearer the Senate must not act in haste. At the very least, the Senate should not vote on his nomination until still-secret documents from his time in the George W.

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Kavanaugh is disgusting and unfit to be a judge or a justice.
Trump, who nominated K., is disgusting and unfit to be president.
Grassley and all the Repugnants, who are improperly “rushing through” this disgusting and unfit K., are disgusting and unfit to be senators.
Many Damnocrats are disgusting and unfit to be senators.
The U.S. political system is disgusting and rotten to the core!
We, the common people, need an entirely new, clean, and better system!
How will we ever get from here to there?
How will we ever get what we need?


It is my hope that a hard copy was sent to every Senator. I see that it is copyrighted by Time so I gather it was published by Time, yes, I see that it was so now this is public knowledge. Good. I watched and listened. The man is scary like Halloween is when you were 5 years old.


Even if I have never heard of that person, I would automatically not trust anyone nominated by trump.

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Sh*theel Republican politicians could not care less, just like they overlooked Jeffie Sessions’ perjury to allow him to become AG.

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I don’t know, but at least the mall’s open.

Exactly. People buy “stuff” to soothe the pain caused by the harsh realities of their lives, our nation, and our world.

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Suddenly the leftist loons are worried about ‘the full record’. Every one who thinks like that is either a hypocrite or has an unreliable memory. Does anyone remember the records of the recent Kenyan forced upon us with all his records sealed? Even his wife and fellow leftists referred to him as foreign born. No previous president hid his identity as well as The Putrid Pipsqueak. The judiciary was complicit in hiding evidence from the American people. Who on the left was squawking about ‘the full record’ then?
Nothing about Kavanaugh is hidden, but the only thing the screechers come up with is the usual false allegations from some leftist activist from the distant past. That tactic has been used so often, so clumsily, and so hypocritically that it can’t ever be believed. The only element different this time is the absence of Gloria Allred.

Most of the posts here are written in coherent English. You might want to try it.

I think it’s over for Brett Kavanaugh. He is too toxic even for republicans and his position weakens by the day. He will be lucky to hold onto his appellate position given the new release of documents.

You might try taking the douchebag off your head before posting.

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Your the only loon here…are you lost…Breitbart is your friend head on over there. They will give ya sum yummy shit samiches to eat and some turd soup gravy. Those of us here with a brain dont like the food you eat…so scat.

Look everybody! It’s a birther! I thought they had gone extinct 10 years ago.

I loathe and despise Obama for a lot of substantive reasons. Where he may have been born isn’t one of them.

Your only point is the one on your head…

Trumpy Trolls=Rhetorical Vortex of conservative pablum contrived in fallacies and double dipped in bullshit, reeks of 3 day old shit stains and the smell of fascists whose mouth holes put forth a despicable stench. Not one fact of truth will it ever contain…sold in book stores under the fiction labels.

Sums it up… most of them are so wedded to their hatreds and prejudices they have lost their ability to reason. Considering the density of their misconceptions, I doubt if we could reach anyone… I am always amazed that anyone can be so deceived… they never make a valid point… it is all empty accusations, name-calling, and meaningless rejoinders. Civil discourse is impossible. I’m just getting tired of these people.
Alinsky’s tactics included a relentless barrage of lies and accusations… did not matter if it as true… just wear people down. God said do not weary in well doing… So which do we choose?