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Brett Kavanaugh Would Be a Disaster on Climate


Brett Kavanaugh Would Be a Disaster on Climate

Basav Sen

Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh isn’t just a likely vote against Roe, or an enabler of brash executive authority. He’s also a vocal supporter of a conservative legal “philosophy” that’s designed to block action on climate change.

Kavanaugh’s record on environmental issues is appalling.


A right-wing extremist Supreme court won’t be so bad. Whadabout the Democrats? It’s the Democrats! Down with the Democrats etc…etc…


If you recall, a lot of folks were excited about “bringing things to a head” with Trump’s election. Are we now on the cusp of a progressive revolution, or a rightwing legal revolution? It sure seems like the latter to me.


As if things couldn’t get any worse for the death of ecological systems we have waiting in the wings the environment’s murderer. Plain and simple he belongs in a f***ing museum. Go back to the 1700’s with torture, stockades, and public hangin’s. put women back as property of the husband and make sure she stays home to cook and clean 'round the clock. That’s what’s in store for the US because as of now there’s no way to keep the asshole the high chair. A few GOP’s have to have a sense of decency and not put this struggling nation back two centuries.


You can thank the democrats for giving us Donald Trump. Both major parties support endless war no matter who gets in. Anyway , Hillary actually won the election not just the popular vote. I hope you watched the movie.
Actually Al Gore and so did Kerry in 2004. Alot of sleaze in both major parties.


Kavanaugh would be a disaster. Period.


Good news for climate. Small countries can make policy often out of moral compunction, but big countries’ policies can change the world quickly. China is switching from coal to gas.Coal mines won’t make money. Hopefully. With cheaper coal, then will others use it more? Maybe China along with the rest of the world will be cleaner.