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Brewing Human Rights Crisis In Baltimore As City Threatens Massive Water Shutoffs


Brewing Human Rights Crisis In Baltimore As City Threatens Massive Water Shutoffs

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

In what residents warn is a mounting human rights crisis, the city of Baltimore has commenced sending 25,000 notices, the majority to city and county residents, warning that it will be shutting off water if delinquent bills are not paid within ten days.


Come on they need the money for the warsssssssssssss.


Detroit revisited. The commonality is the demographics of both Detroit and Baltimore along with the high rate of un (and under) employment and poverty. Perhaps any number of multi-millionaires or billionaires could step up and pay the past due water bills in addition to perhaps paying them up through the end of year. Or even establish a fund for those in need. Nah, they have to save up to corrupt our nation’s upcoming elections in 2016 or buy another offshore vacation home or high-rise condo in NYC or another private jet/yacht or another Rolex. The great American way.


Just like torture if you can give them enough pain they will agree to anything.


Capitalism is after our water, our food supply–especially GMO and patents on seeds–and our need for shelter. They make fertile the grounds for revolution.


Even animals don’t mess up the places that they live. Does Baltimore have enough accessible public rest rooms to accommodate the people who will not have usable toilets. If they don’t the streets and alleyways are going to get pretty messy. Not to mention the smell. Water is a human right. If you deny it to people, they should take it.


Time for a class action suit against the boneheads running that city.


You make very good points. Far be it from the public officials that contemplate the massive water cutoff to think of the immediate, ongoing, and future consequences. History is repeating itself…pre New Deal days, e.g.


How many water bills would the cost of one drone cover? Those of two or three Baltimores and Detroits, to be sure.


Next will be the Pay To Breathe Oxygen Tax,


Well, Rockefeller and a lot other of the filthy rich have stated that the main problem with the world is too many people using up their resources. Apparently, if they could get rid of about five or six billion of us, there would still be enough serfs left to serve them.

  • Now, how could one accomplish that and still make profits?
  • Deny the people clean water?
  • Starve them out or see that they have nothing but GMO Frankenfoods.
  • Deny them adequate medical care at an affordable price, or just plain deny them medical care.
  • Make endless war upon them, destroying lives and infrastructure and incidentally making billions on arms sales.
  • Foul the air with factory effluent and chemtrail effluvia.
  • Radiation leaks and Uranium weapons will take care of generations.
  • Increase homelessness and make jobs scarce, so people will die of exposure, hunger and thirst.
  • I’m sure the filthy rich will sit in their air conditioned and filtered homes with protected drinking water, with fine doctors and surgeons on tap, and think of even more ways to get rid of the 99+% that are using up their resources.
  • Perhaps, if the 0.001% that owns or controls over 80% of the wealth and resources of planet earth were to be removed, or made impotent, a large percentage of our problems would be eliminated. That 80% of the earth’s wealth and resources could be used constructively to solve many, if not most, of our problems. Water, food, non-GMO agriculture could come back and really feed the people. Money for conservation, for jobs, for education, for housing, for decent medical facilities; aquifers protected, not poisoned for profit. Forests planted to grow and help with the oxygen supply. Research to cure the current devastation of the oceans.
  • The basic solution seems pretty simple to me.


The fools are worried about 6$ a gallon for gasoline. They are going to be paying 10$ or more a gallon for water. The oligarchy(Koch branch in particular, they bought Wisconsin to have a great lakes portal) is working on breaking the great lakes compact. Profit profit profit. Draining the great lakes to the southwest and southern California. The rule of commons is worth fighting for. Oligarchy is tyranny. Water is life. Denying it is murder.


You refer to “global trend 'towards the commodification of our basic needs”, I wish someone would write more specific about the gambling casino called “futures” commodity trading and how they use that avenue to drive up the prices of housing/rents, water, food, energy et al whereby our wages have stayed stagnant and cost of living has risen double/tripled over the last decades.

The government cost of living i.e. inflation rate mean nothing as does unemployment rate. As we all know the game is rigged.

Read history and thru out we humans are very barbaric and nothing has changed. Full circle.


Thanks to the criminals in the US Congress who sent our jobs overseas to line the pockets of their wealthy owners. There should be massive protests with their own guards to protect the people from the enforcers that work for the state…and fight in the streets if necessary.


Don’t want your water shut off? Here’s a novel idea: pay your effing bill! Water ain’t free unless you’re catching your own with a rain barrel.


"In 2002, the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights explicitly recognized water as a human right, saying it is “indispensable for leading a life in human dignity.” Like the right to a free lunch or the pursuit of happiness, this is pretty meaningless- try finding a free contractor to build out your utility. On the other hand, arresting someone collecting rainwater, as happened recently in California, is a true casus belli.


But the drones are needed to bomb the water supplies in the Middle East.


They won’t drain the Great Lakes, not from sense of altruism, humanity or decency. No, the Great Lakes will remain because they are a major access point to Atlantic Ocean (for Ontario and Quebec at least). Drain them and Canada just might ship that oil to China! (Gasp!).

Instead, Canada will send its oil to the US and throw in some water from the resulting melting glaciers. Win…win!


Yes, pay the bill. Hang on…

“If there is a structural problem, like a leaking water pipe, that can make the water bills outrageous.”

I’m sure the infrastructure in cities like Detroit and Baltimore is fit to purpose [/sarcasm].

Here’s another novel idea: use the city’s tax revenue to fix the infrastructure instead of funding the militarisation of the police force. That way, people just might be billed for the water they use (and not what is wasted due to municipal neglect).

Oh, I have yet another idea! Perhaps some sort of public works project to fix…water pipes(?) would provide enough employment for people to be able to pay their bills (as I understand it, McDonald’s, Walmart, and the like don’t pay enough to pay heat, water and rent).

Water is free. The cost bourne by “consumers” comes from the cost of adding chemicals to it (to make it safe to use and drink…after all, the source is usually doubles as the repository for sewers!). The other part of the cost? The infrastructure used to deliver the water. And that seems to be an issue in Baltimore.


Let’s see, what do Baltimore and Detroit have in common?
Majority black and controlled by Democrats for decades.
That’s a recipe for disaster.

Here’s another novel idea: use the funds collected by the water department (water bills) for their intended purpose, maintenance and repair of the water treatment and distribution system, inside of pooling in the general fund.