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Brewing 'Perfect Storm,' GOP Lawmakers Push Millionaire-Friendly State Tax Schemes


Brewing 'Perfect Storm,' GOP Lawmakers Push Millionaire-Friendly State Tax Schemes

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

As income inequality in the U.S. continues its ascent, Republican lawmakers in several states are pushing increasingly regressive tax agendas that only promise to benefit top earners while burdening states' poorest residents.


I think a sales tax is ok, as long as it is levied on purchases of business’s (stocks) bonds and other investments along with durable goods.If I buy a car, i pay sales tax. If I buy a car company I should also pay sales tax. I like that the necessities like food and clothing are usually exempted.


LePage does not want to just lower the top rate, but rather eliminate the income tax completely. What should happen is a revamp of the progressiveness of the income tax rates so that the top rate doesn’t start at around $25,000 (I can’t find the exact number).


A perfect storm usually leads to horrendous catastrophe. The GOP (state and federal) doesn’t even try to sugarcoat its agenda anymore. It will keep doing what it is doing, going at it with a vengeance, until someone in this beleaguered country finds the courage to raise his fist and yell, “Revolution!”

I don’t think I’ll ever understand why people who are so badly hurt by the GOP and its wealth-accumulation drive continue to vote for them. Are we so stupid?


On why people vote for those who harm them, I could also ask why people think the poor would (or should) vote for Democrats, who have dramatically worsened conditions for the poor since Clinton. President Obama did restore the disability aid that Clinton had cut, but Dems in Congress have cut disability benefits twice since then, and are considering a plan that virtually ends disability benefits. Obviously, this will cost lives.

On the TPP: I’m trying to figure out why certain media marketed to libs (most notably, MSNBC) have gone into overdrive to replace VP Joe Biden as the 2016 Dem candidate with (solid neoliberal) Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton gave us NAFTA, and Hillary Clinton has worked hard on promoting the TPP.


On why there won’t be a revolution: Who would fight whom? What the rich are now doing to the middle class is simply what the middle class already did to the poor.


Voting and taxes. Friends, please realize ‘Voting’ is a scam to make you think there is actually real choice, and ‘changes you can believe in’, or hope for, at least. Please understand, the ‘Powers That Be’ control both parties, and most all candidates, Presidential and Congressional. Voting is strictly a Peoples’ Pacifier. Sorry to say
Taxes are now quite Passé. Please realize how much ‘Spendable Revenue’ is created through absurd lending reserve requirements, and, more recently, through ‘Digital Fabrication’, at the push of a button. No? Believe it. Deficit Spending far exceeds any semblance of Collections. Collecting funds through ‘taxation’, is soon a thing of the past. It is now a Financial ‘Free-For-All’.
Well, ‘Free-For-Some’.


Who knows? With Diebold voting machine fraud, maybe nobody ever votes for Repukes!

They vote for themselves and then Lord over us like the Pharaohs. They’ve killed off Labor, Privacy, Dignity, and Civil Society.

And the Democrats seem bound and determined to outdo them. Occupy had the right idea, so they shot and arrested them. It’s a Wall Street Dictatorship behind the curtain of Fake Democracy. And the men sitting on the throne back there are Banksters who never tire of bombing the world into submission.

This is why I left.


The GOP hates taxes unless they are paid by those who work check to check for a living…This is what a heavy sales tax will do it will be paid by those who cant afford it…It is easier to levy some kind of tax off of corporate transactions…they wouldn’t miss the money yet they scream loud and clear that they dont want to pay anything and they have lobbyists to make sure they dont…They can afford millions for elections but nothing to give back to society…One day we will have some politicians with balls who will run for office that will fight for us but until then we get to eat cake albeit heavy taxed cake that is.


The state of Washington has no income tax and has been slowly losing ground since Clinton sent our manufacturing jobs overseas. Even jobs that have stayed in this country are fought over by state governments trying to steel employers from each other. I think of jackals fighting over the scraps of a warthog after the lions and vultures have had their fill. Our ferries and highways are increasingly being funded by use fees to maintain themselves and the Republican’t state house is constantly trying to squeeze social programs to fund education and other federally mandated expenditures. The tax on gasoline is particularly hard on the working poor in the Seattle area because the economic recovery has benefited the wealthy so that affordable housing has been forced to greater distances from the city center and gentrification has taken away older housing usually occupied by the working poor. This causes longer distances of travel in an area that cannot depend on subsidies to fund public transportation.
Is this a formula for sustained economic development? Maybe not so much.


I suspect that the new definition of politician, one who lives from his ability to do one thing and say another convincingly, precludes the development of testicles and since has cornbread become cake?