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Brexit and the New Global Rebellion


Brexit and the New Global Rebellion

Richard Eskow

Things are changing. A major crack has appeared in the edifice of globalization, and the neoliberal order that has dominated the world’s economy since the end of World War II is now in danger.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, by any means. But poisonous weeds are just as likely as green shoots to grow up through those cracks. To paraphrase John F. Kennedy: Those who make constructive evolution impossible may be making destructive devolution inevitable.


Discussion of economic issues of such gravity absent mention of global climate change and other economic externalities is naive. Ecology, the study of our home, must be brought into the conversation. Furthermore, international and intra-national economic inequalities are very difficult to resolve simultaneously without pissing off over seven billion people.


Eskow writes:
"This vote was a stunning rejection of Great Britain’s political establishment. “Leave” prevailed despite opposition from all three major political parties. Prime Minister David Cameron, who will now step down, called on voters to “Remain.” So did socialist Jeremy Corbin, the most left-wing Labor leader in a generation. Barack Obama crossed the Atlantic to stand beside Cameron and offer his support."

Not to be too picky and off-topic, but...
Eskow's goofy construction of this paragraph, makes Obama the leader of one of the "three major political parties."

Back to the news...


The talk of Obama, Cameron, or Thatcher and Reagan are obscuring the reall issues. The U.S. Empire under the direction of the Knesset are unleashing the greatest military force for the benefit of trans-national corporations. Under the guise of spreading democracy and anti-terror, the military is the tool of these corporations to siphon the resources,oil, of Middle East countries. The petrodollar allows the U.S., and only the U.S., to print fiat money ad infinitum. Bend to the will of the CIA/Mossad or the 'economic hitmen' will strike. Financial collapse, assassinations will occur. Beta Cacaeres in Honduras is the latest murder to warn latent democracies that they will be crushed at birth.


Unlike Clinton and Trump, Sanders did not perform a dog and pony show for AIPAC and has not pandered to Knesset.

Sanders priority of getting Wall Street under control is the first step to controlling the military industrial complex (MIC) seeing how the MIC is one of Wall Street's highest performing profit centers.


Yes, and we've been on the very brink of an era of great change, of the masses finally uniting to push back against the powerful few who have caused so much suffering, for decades. It takes a real movement. A movement requires a unifying message. In this era, we're profoundly divided and pitted against each other, by class and race. People say they want change. OK, what do they want to see changed, and for whom?

Internationally, some say we're now on the very brink of another world-wide Great Depression, with the Brexit decision being the trigger. You can rise up, stand in solidarity until your legs give out, but6 co0nditions are out of our control.


Naive. Today, Israel is of no practical use to the US government. America wants oil. Israel doesn't have it. The notions about Jews have unearthly powers (regardless of how one phrases it) is a very old Christian superstition that has no basis in reality. If you would review the record going back to 1948 and the re-establishment of Israel, you will see that the US has been a crappy ally, one of the three major suppliers of weapons to the Arab nations.

Israel has already ceded two large chunks of the country, per the demands of the US -- always "for the sake of peace," followed promptly by more attacks from the surrounding Arab nations who seek a 100% Moslem Mideast. Israel today roughly the size of New Jersey, one of our smallest states. Unlike the US, Israel is not up to its eyeballs in nuclear weapons. It takes everything they've got just to be able to survive.


As I read the beginning of this article-Wow some common sense-then it all turns to mush. The EU is right wing-the EU is corrupt just like our broken political and economic system here in the US. There is a socilist party in France cracking down on worker rights-what is going on--austerity-in the EU and US as the corporate elites get rich.

Countries in the EU have negative interest rates---this is unheard of----our 10yr is at 1.5----with these rates our economies should be BOOMING???????There is something very wrong.

Just look at TPP---ITS NOT A TRADE DEAL!-------Its written in secrecy by corporations and the paid for politicians vote for fast track before its even finished. Why haven't they voted on it? There waiting for the election to be over and will vote on it in the lame duck session.

Think Trump can't happen????The Democrat party could still nominate the right person for the times. And it ain't 90's Hillary


Where's Ellen Brown when you need her. (I suspect she's writing her commentary as we read this article) Although there are mixed threads in this new brexit fabric, surely a major theme is the rejection of the plutocratic rule over all of us by the central banksters. What do we do now? Learn about how our money is created, and that it can be created by Sovereign National Treasuries free of interest.(What the Kennedy Brothers initiated shortly before the coup d'etat assasination of JFK.) Learn about how this cabal of criminals has usurped control of almost all western governments and how they are sucking up every drop of our blood and every ounce of the world's remaining resources.
What lies ahead demands our most sober and focused attention - the established order is collapsing - it will not be a pretty process - there is serious suffering in the process. The old order is aflame and a Global Community will most certainly rise out of the ashes. But it will not be created by spectators. It must be created by the Creative Love Filled Kings and Queens we all essentially are.


But this near-victory wasn’t won with leftist arguments about resisting the global oligarchy. The left was too divided to make that case clearly or forcefully. It was largely won by stirring up bigotry against immigrants, cloaked in flimsy arguments about excessive regulation. Legitimate economic grievances were channeled into nationalist hostility.

That is the point that has to be noted. This was not a new global rebellion as the title declares....it was a xenophobic reaction.

The Brexiteers, the Brexiteers,
Have played upon on the people’s fears;
But when their promises go lame,
And there is no E.U. to blame,
Who will they scapegoat for the tears?


Agreed Alanjohnston. As I said - mixed threads. The left is denied a mainstream voice
as the global oligarchy controls the media. The left has only venues like this in which
to sort themselves out and organize the coming progressive initiatives.
Scary that Obama stressed that the Orlando shooter was inspired by contacts on the
internet.... a prelude to stifling the only platform we have left - and they (the oligarchs) know it -
and by the evidence of their 21st century projects, they are desperate and will stop at nothing -
and have always played the long hand - they can afford the time they need. But like all
vampires - they can't survive the light of day.
Also scary is that as democracy rises, one sure card the plutocrats can play is to initiate
global war - that will surely clamp things down under the established thumb.


Israel is extremely useful to the US government, despite the fact that it has no oil.

Israel provides an excuse in the region. Americans, particularly those of Jewish heritage and certain flavors of Christendom, are far more ready to support war for Israel than to destabilize two continents for greater monopoly of oil. More, the involvement of Israel allows American rulers to pretend that criticism of US foreign policy is antisemitism. Movements to assure equal rights for Palestinians have already been ousted from University of California campuses as antisemitic.

On top of that, US rulers can take advantage of the very real antisemitism that exists, especially in Europe, though it is very real in the US as well. Black operations actions are shared in various ways by the CIA, Mossad, and employees of the Saud family, and information may be leaked from different sources to different sources in different ways depending on the impression that any of these wishes to produce in a given population.

The results in Syria, particularly, have had even experienced commentators spinning. Documentation of Sauidi and US support for ISIS was available and observed by Robert Fisk early on, but even administration critics will go on about how ISIS were a product of error in Iraq rather than a deliberate horror associated with Iraq and continued terrorism by US rulers.

Although I do not wish to feed old stereotypes, there are Jewish financiers, just as there are other financiers, and Jewish owners of media, just as there are other owners of media. It is quite possible that there are other benefits of support for Israel as well. And we have actually seen a particular lot of relatively uncharacteristic statements of this sort from Democratic candidates. Clinton might just be enjoying another war, but Warren's support is extreme and astoundingly ignorant, and even Sanders' support is quite beyond what one might imagine would be characteristic.


Hop on over to Truthdig and read Chris Hayes' really really worrying take on the whole thing


Perhaps you meant Chris Hedges.


Aint that the truth??Hillary as well.


Naw,the EU was dying and dystopian.So…what is Britain leaving when it leaves the EU? It’s departing a giant robot, a structure of untold numbers of sub-androids, bureaucrats who have been making life miserable for Europe. Higher debt, unlimited migration, blizzards of regulations, grim political correctness. All in the service of a coming utopia, of course.


A fairer and more honest assessment than most.


Industrialized civilization has irrevocably ravaged the environment for centuries with the unintended consequences of climate disruption being on emerging symptom. Other emerging symptoms, such as pollution and loss of a vast range of natural resources, is causing concern amongst a growing proportion of the populations in many countries. They are begginning to understand that the flow of money only exacerbates these predicaments. Bexit is but one of the responses of a society that will have to cope with the inevitable global powering down.


A Post-liberal Future.


In the ongoing battle to capture Cosmopolitanism that is currently raging between the political, economic and cultural liberal elites and the communitarian ethics of the common person, the eu debate was an attempt by the elites to take Britain into deeper economic and social liberalism.

Thankfully, the communitarian ethics of the common person won by a very narrow margin which goes to show that community is just as important as the individual if not slightly more so.

This means that positive rights and the responsibilities that naturally follow are seen as slightly more important, and so as necessary, as the negative rights that tend to be more emphasised by the eu and its incumbent elites.

Thus, Transition Brexit and the much needed reform of British political, economic and social policy systems needs a post-liberal consensus in which a mutual compact between the market, the state and civil society ensures prosperity and fairness for all.

Foremost, this will require a Bill of Rights and Responsibilities to reflect an equal measure of both communitarian and liberal values and one which might pioneer the basis of a new Cosmopolitanism.

In terms of policy, again an equal measure of communitarian and liberal values will need to be incorporated but with an emphasis on ensuring that democracy enables communities to make up their own mind about the mix of values that they wish their communities to be based on.

By bringing forth the outcome of the eu referendum, then one hopes that all political parties will work together with businesses small and large and with civil society to ensure a Brexit settlement and a reformed Britain that gives all citizens, whatever their ethnic origins, a fair share of our commonwealth.