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Brexit Anyone? Why the US Should Care About Thursday’s Vote in the UK


Brexit Anyone? Why the US Should Care About Thursday’s Vote in the UK

Padraig Reidy

The murder of a Labour Party member of Parliament, Jo Cox, just a week before Britain’s referendum on its membership in the European Union, stunned the entire nation, briefly suspending an increasingly shrill national debate as the “Leave” and “Remain” campaigns attempted to recalibrate their messages and soften their tone.


Just as movements are rising all over the world demanding health care, an end to war, an end to Monsanto’s gen-tech monstrosities, investments aimed at protection against global warming, decent wages, etc…

All of the following erupt as negative blow-back:

"The parallel with Trump’s campaign is not hard to see. The Leave campaign says it will “make Britain great again,” but seems largely to be built on isolation, nostalgia and promises of all things to all men: there will be more free health care, less bureaucracy and fewer but better immigrants.’

Brazil’s boys’ club coup just ousted Dilma Rousseff to enable thieves to run that nation.

Indonesia just elected a macho strongman who makes jokes about beating people up.

And suddenly both the U.S. and U.K. have their right wing radio thug equivalents seeking high office and attracting legions of angry white males?


A right wing punk shot Gabrielle Giffords in the FACE and now a right wing punk shoots Ms. Cox.

Why don’t more men speak up about this? Is it anything other than abject cowardice to shoot an unarmed woman in the face?

Why don’t men teach other men what REAL bravery is all about?

I am so tired of dominant baboons running this world!


I’m no fan of the EU but the issue for conservatives to Leave based on resentment toward humanitarian rights, refugee protection and immigration is right out of the bigotry handbook that the likes of Nigel Farage and Donald Trump author.

What I find most sickening, hypocritical and gall-ish is the perspective of Britain, a Colonial empire having a genocidal history to move into foreign regions and take all control and resources - yet find it repellant for immigrants to settle in the UK.

We are not surprised by this double standard as it fits the arrogant and violent front of self-centered Exceptionalism.


Wrecks it!

That is the word from here in Sweden, where folks know firsthand’
what Europe was like before the EU – not to mention Putin´s threats
against our lovely Island of Gotland, including his nearby oil pipeline
under the Baltic, intruding on our waters and our environmental safety.

Take heed, America – if England leaves, and the EU folds, you´re next!


The EU is in need of a shake up but it won’t get it if the British people vote to leave. In any case, I am voting ‘IN’ just to wipe the smile off the faces of Nigel Farrago and Barmy Boris because they are both dangerous FASCISTS !


Paddy, is what you wrote below just a joke, or simply a crock of good old Irish shite?

“giving succor to Vladimir Putin in his expansionism. How would a
weakened, dissolute Europe react, perhaps, to a Crimea-style Russian
incursion in member states such as Lithuania and Latvia, which border

AAAAAGH the Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! First Lithuania fallss, then the UK. Then Ireland! Give nuclear arms to the Irish!


Well, m’dear, it isn’t just dumb white men; there are plenty of dumb white women out there who are equally racist and they use their tongues more effectively than men their fists.

If there is any argument against the UK leaving the EU it is that the exit is supported by the sort of filth that we jailed and hanged after the Nuremburg war crimes trial in 1947.


no matter if the brit ppl vote to leave they wont be allowed to leave. this referendum they are having is not legally binding its similar to just expressing an opinion, the govt will do as it pleases regardless of the outcome of the vote


As someone who has always lived in the US, I cannot say that I have a particularly strong opinion regarding Brexit, though there are a few points that occur to me:
(1) I think that reasonable people everywhere would want to live in a more unified, harmonious, and just world, but that means that the worst malefactors may be able to use the promise of that to tempt the less sophisticated to fall into some trap they have devised for their own benefit at the expense of the whole, so the devil, as always, is in the details.
(2) Given (1), I’ve read that a common complaint of the Brexit supporters is that the EU provides less accountability and without accountability there is no democracy. The Remain assumption seems to be that the EU is run by utilitarian technocrats who do not necessarily require such democratic input in order to do their jobs effectively and efficiently, but without corrective input Lord Acton’s words come to mind: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
(3) I’ve also read that NATO’s strength grows out of the US-EU alliance, and given that NATO is the primary imperialist force in the world today, it seems that possibly in the long run the developing countries would be better off if Brexit were to succeed and the EU and as a consequence NATO were to be weakened. Maybe not so many refugees would be able to resettle in the EU, but without the imperialist power NATO causing constant mischief around the world, there would be far fewer in need of resettlement.


The Western World’s system is on life support. It has to change. Whether it happens by way of a planned transition away from Corporate dominance or by way of popular revolthas yet to be seen. Those who believe we will obtain the sustainable, eco-based economy we need by way of tweeking the status quo have more faith in the money- driven elites that rule us than I do. We have to live in balance with nature. Attempts to control nature are at the heart of the Corporate dominated system we now have. Anything to destabilize it, to get it of course ASAP is a positive in my books. The reverance of life must trump the reverance of profits.


Ah, that I didn’t know. Thanks for the clarification…


Yes, the colonialists’ chickens are coming home to roost and they don’t like it. It was just dandy to have Mssrs. Sykes and Picot cut up the Middle Eastern pie, but now Europe is choking on it.

Except for the fact that so many innocent people (i.e. Middle Easterners) will suffer in the process, it serves the haughty children of imperialism right.


Anyone realize the socialist(real socialists)left supported the exit.----Anyone notice how they count votes in Britain?

Its amazing how this was portrayed in our country,including those on the “left” Common Dreams and Democracy Now? I guess you will all be flying around with Hillary in a jet paid for by Jamie Diamond?

The EU IS CORRUPT! Look what they just did to Greece!How many nameless people are dead today in the name of austerity. Strange we never hear about Greece anymore-ow that’s right its just common people getting screwed over.

In an article on CD there was a complaint that people were stuck in France and couldn’t vote. They couldn’t get out because of striking workers. So little info as to what is happening in France–there is a crack down on worker rights!!!This is the EU???Those French people need to be more productive like the Germans???

The US corporate media was all confused -this is non binding-you don’t have to listen to the people-take a lesson from the corrupt politicians in the US----are they still counting the votes in Calif?

What the media fails to mention is that the exit vote is also similar to those who voted for Sanders. One of the promises by the exit campaign is that there would be more money for schools and healthcare-the commons is about having local control and people with a real voice.