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Brexit Means…More Arms Dealing to Human Rights Abusers

Brexit Means…More Arms Dealing to Human Rights Abusers

Andrew Smith

It was one year ago that a triumphant Theresa May proudly announced from Ankara, Turkey, that the UK is “open for business.”

Weapons for whack jobs–seems like a reasonable foreign policy.

B-b-but I thought that Brexit was about freeing the UK from big-bad-euro-bank capitalist domination!

Brexit was another issue that saw a number of us get repeatedly attacked by our fellow “leftists” as we tried to explain that it was a right-reactionary movement and not “progressive” at.

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Brexit or to put it more realistically the popular vote to leave the EU is not to blame. The arms sales are policies of the Tory party and the right wing of Labour (most of whom are against leaving the EU) who blindly follow US foreign policy and support US wars.
It is certainly true that many of those supporting the brexit vote are reactionaries who want the UK to become an even tighter satellite in the empire centred on washington but for many the case against the EU, increasingly neo-liberal, increasingly authoritarian, increasingly undemocratic and increasingly NATO-ised is that the UK cannot reform itself without throwing off the trammels of Brussels.
Democracy without sovereignty is a sham.

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I dont know…

I would LOVE for the US to be under the EU and it’s far stronger worker, social benefit and environmental and consumer protection standards.

The UK left the EU so it could be free of those standards.

Also, we need fewer borders, and open borders.

And how is the EU undemocratic? The EU Parliament is elected by every European. The EU Council is comprised of the elected heads of state of the member countries, and European President commission members are subject to the approval of the European Parliament.

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Brexit is also about look what happened to Greece plus internal Soviet style spin-offs like Scotland, Ireland and Wales etc.

Yes. Put the wall just the other side of the Panama canal.

Save money on a shorter wall and keep everybody in with a high wall.

Make Columbia pay for it.

No, the UK is not a poor exploited country like Greece and the Brits know that. The exit of Greece from the EU would have been very understandable. But in the UK, Brexit was a right wing Tory-and further right-racist, xenophobic movement to get out from the EU’s standards.

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This increase in the same of arms to depostic regimes has little to do with Brexit.

Canada saw arms sales increase to Countries like Saudi Arabia.
Germany is selling more arms to Countries like Israel. (2016 was the second highest sales of arms on record)
The US arms sales abroad are exploding and any number of Countries.

“The Hamptons is not a defensible position, …eventually people will come for you.”…Mark Blyth.

What is Brexit really about, here is Mark Blyth’s take on it, food for thought.

Sure it’s to blame. This was the Tory strategy all along. Look at the main driving force of who wanted Brexit, the most extreme, neo-liberal wing of the Tory party who duped the working class into voting against their own best interests by whipping up anti immigration xenophobia and bullshit about those nasty foreign Europeans taking away our sovereignty, and why, so they can get free of EU ‘red tape’ and make the UK the low wage, low tax Singapore of Europe, striking up the kind of ultra-capitalist trade deals (Farage said he’d sign up to TTIP in an instant if it wasn’t for the EU who rejected it), that anyone with a hint of progressive values would reject in an instant and these arms deals are just a part of that. If you think the EU is going ‘reform itself from the trammels of neo-liberalism’ outside the EU (as some deluded leftists believe) you’re very much mistaken. I can see it in my crystal ball arleady, once the EU economy starts crashing after a hard brexit, the media will be full of how we need to cut taxes, implement yet more austerity, cut the welfare state, have a more ‘flexible’ work force in order to just survive, and dickheads like anti-EU leftists and their hopes of more socialist UK will dwindle away into an insignificant obscurity. Unlike folks in the EU, who live in countries where governments like Finland, Sweden and others are already talking about introducing a universal basic income, a citizen’s wage. The brits though can be busy working for some US foodchain on a zero hours contract, and eating chorline cleansed factory farmed chicken.

I guess I can’t see how any kind of laudable standards would do what was done to Greece, Ireland or Ukraine or Libya, Yugoslavia etc. England home to London finance helped destroy Greek democracy. I’m only saying they may be avoiding further entanglement. They know about how coldheartedly power hungry EU finance is because they have helped in that game and some conservative xenophobes or not are scared the EU feeding trough might not leave enough spoils of eco war for them.