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Brexit or Bremain? No Matter the Outcome, Hedge Funds Stand to Profit



Anti- EU Myth used by Brexiters. The EU's present growth rate is actually higher than the US. 2% over US 1.8%


I think your brief article is right. I think there may be a change in attitude and belief in the usual fear mongering. They are using the threat of job loss if Britain leaves. Well the bright lights should be able to predict the exact number of jobs to be gained, wages and benefits. Lets see what happens. Maybe some of the readers can recall that this debate is similar to the NAFTA debate. None of the benefits were realized. In Canada, most of the factories are closed and the good paying jobs are gone.
Your point about the young people is also a good one. Do you have to be 50 before you can afford a house and have a family? Do your have to be dead before you can collect your pension? As an old guy, I really feel sorry for the young people They do not have a good chance for success.and they are so glued to their smart phones that they do not have the attention and energy necessary for the required revolt.