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Brexit Pandemonium: What's Happening Now


Brexit Pandemonium: What's Happening Now

Nika Knight, staff writer

This post will be updated.

In the wake of Britain's unprecedented vote to leave the European Union on Thursday, the initial wave of reaction was tumultuous: Prime Minister David Cameron resigned, global markets plunged, and right-wing leaders across Europe cheered—stoking fears that other nations may hold similar referendums to depart the EU in the future.


Damned if you do. Damned if you don't. Evil or Evil = Evil


The "leave" movement - and the reasons given for leaving, were overwhelmingly right-wing. And no, the demise of the EU and descent of much of Europe into into strident arrogant nationalism is not a good thing. Or do you know any history?

Amy Goodman had a British "leftist for leaving" on her program this morning and the guy was just this bot spouting all the usual boilerplate conspiracist memes. His arguments were not credible at all.


Greece's former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis' latest book And The Weak Suffer What They Must? is a great read on the structural issues and shortcomings of the EU and in particular, the euro. Some aspects of the Brexit make sense as migrating from the pound to the euro, and it would have ultimately happened, would have rendered Britain another "nation" in name only. The European experiment is fraught with difficult sovereignty issues that seem fixable, but not by current leaders. Only time will tell.


Although it would be wonderful to be able to affect positive change with no "upheaval and pandemonium", human history confirms that it usually takes at least a little of both before real change occurs.

With the 1% creating an ever widening wealth and income gap nearly everywhere, minting more desperate people each day, expect ever more desperate people making ever more desperate decisions.


It is difficult with Brexit to separate the musings of pundits, with
the cold, economic implications of this move. But the decision, its
implications and the forces that shaped it are troubling, for the
following reasons:
(1) The appear to not be grounded in economic reality, not withstanding flaws in the EU.
(2) They are motivated by racism and anti-immigration sentiment
(3) They reflect an almost freakish alignment of right/nationalist forces with the Left- though not all on the Left in Great Britain agreed with the move, notably Jerry Corbin.
(4) They illustrate how difficult it is for the "masses" to grasp and tackle complex economic relationships and intertwining.

Item (3) is particularly troublesome. While the actions of the
reactionary Right are predictable- routed in nationalism, the
inspiration of hate and the need to consolidate power- even at the cost
of economic prosperity- the Left is harder to explain. Notwithstanding
that the EU is supported by conservative economic elements- those that
seek stability above all- the contribution to the Left to this debate is
an admixture of justified critique, non-realism and destructive
negative politics. Also, in the case of the Left- self defeating. The EU
has not done a bad job regarding worker's rights, environmental
protection across the continent and economic and political stability.
Great Britain has decided to throw this away- turning away from economic
reality and bathing in reactionary politics. They showed
them...undermining their collective selves in the process.

There are obvious parallels in the US elections. Not Sanders versus Clinton-
as Sander's while oblivious in the area of foreign policy did not fan
nationalism, though he and/or his followers tiptoed into the regions of
political hate and unreality. But in the Trump versus Clinton- where
Trump's faux populism, buttressed by hate, cronyism and lies- aligns it
self with the Left's anger at a corrupt system that refuses to do what
it wants. Wittingly the two forces join hands to decimate economic
wealth and foment crisis. Not the wealth of billionaires, but average
Of course, the Left may still seek to unite in opposition to Trump and what he represents- or join forces with White Supremacists- forever alienating minorities- who they wonder why they can't fully support them in elections. Don't let perfect be the enemy of good.

None of the above equates to support for irresponsible
trade treaties such as TPP, TAFTA, NAFTA, etc. Whatever their
intentions, good or bad, these treaties seem inherently flawed and
undemocratic. They deserve intelligent opposition and open discussion.


We are 100% sure of what the evil we know's presidency will look like, and 80% sure of what her competitor's presidency will look like, and both are too evil to vote for.


Victoria Nuland, karma is a bitch baby. England to the EU, "FUCK THE EU". ; )


Why the assumption in the article that this is a Right Wing move. This is about acting to undermine entrenched power and make a play for more democratic control for many folks.


So what if next year, there's a vote to get back in and that passes, and then another vote to leave the following year, how does that work?


It's going to be interesting if all those Englishmen who voted Leave to "take back their country" end up (as is quite likely) by fuelling an independent Scotland. The only question is on what terms Scotland becomes an EU member.


There seems to be some problem talking about the real cause of the Brexit vote to leave. The Brits did not get up one cold morn and say, "We are out of here". Their leaders (an oxymoron for sure) implicitness in America's terror on the Middle East and Africa created the millions of refugees that led to the leave vote. The political destruction of Europe is at hand if the mass killing of Asian and African peoples does not stop now!! American Hegemony is bearing unexpected fruit and it is rotten.


Looks like Bernie has taken us down a rabbit hole.


Informed people of Britain oppose the neoliberal policies the EU supports, including the TTIP. Leaders of many countries are promoting these policies despite the opposition of the people. People are tired of it.

It is a simplistic and unfair generalization to say the reason they voted to leave was based on nationalism (racism). It is no different than our "lesser of two evils" argument; it is attempt to control people with fear.

If neoliberal leaders cared at all for the people instead of the concerns of the corporate elite, people may not feel a need to defend themselves and their shrinking livelihoods. Perhaps people could actually concentrate on humanitarian causes and improving the environment upon which we all depend.


This is a wonderful and inspiring blow against the neoliberal totalitarian darkness that has blanketed the world since the dawn of the Reagan/Thatcher era.

Are some right-wing kooks celebrating? Sure, but it's far more important that neoliberalism be dismantled, and the Brexit vote hits a figure like Hillary very hard, as she is the arch gorgon of neoliberal tyranny worldwide. Fantastic news from Britain!


I'm having a difficult time trying to prove your statement of a 1 million dollar salary for Goodman. I see some mention of it on not-reliable sites, blogs, etc. The best I can find is Charity Navigator (reputable) which reported her salary at 148K in 2014. Got a real reference for that 1 million figure?


It is critical that in Britain the Trade Union Congress (TUC), the Labour Party, and all progressive forces stand together and fight to regain what has been lost over the last 41 years (since Britain joined the Common Market in 1975). The EU has been the embodiment of the power of European capitalist class, and as a result in many ways the British working class has suffered the same loss of power to the 1% as have the US people. The left cannot let the ultra-right (UKIP and others) use the results of the referendum to bolster their position in British politics. This is an unprecedented opportunity.
The capitalists in Britain and Europe are in a panic because the people have spoken and the results threaten their baby, the European Union.
It is also critical that all progressive forces in Europe coordinate their efforts to defeat the capitalists and their program of austerity, be it in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, or elsewhere. Ultimately this could lead to the establishment of a European Peoples Union.


He still hasn't endorsed her and he won't. He looks very uncomfortable/uneasy when asked about his support for her and chooses his words carefully. He obviously does not agree with her. I don't trust the reason(s) for his statement regarding voting for her but he isn't giving in to her as he continues to give speeches, etc.

I was disappointed to hear him say he would vote for her. I was disappointed to hear Noam Chomsky, Michael Albert, Robert Reich, etc. say they would, too. None of them agree with her about anything and despite what they say about rationality, etc. I just can't bring myself to vote for her.

Regardless of what any of them say about who they will vote for, we need to continue to stay (or become) involved and listen to the bigger message - oppose the neoliberal/neocon policies of the establishment and fight for the people and the environment.


Here is George, a good man indeed. He talks about Brexit and TTIP.


So you want to see the US break up into smaller pieces also? Just wondering the logic..