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Brexit Protests Build as Voters Hope Unity is Still Possible



The EU was set up to undermined Democracy. So why would anybody want to be apart of this Totalitarian regime?


So apparently the protesters would rather be lifetime wage slaves to unelected neoliberal corporate elites and cannon fodder for the neocon's military arm, NATO, than live free under a real democracy. Brexit is the first meaningful counterattack in four decades against the evils of the neoliberal/neocon conspiracy. Hopefully it's just the first step in the disintegration of both the EU and NATO, the greatest barriers to economic equality and world peace.


They say for honest poverty, that hangs his head and a that. The coward slave, we pass him by, we dare be poor for a that. R. Burns.


I'm with John Oliver on this - Britain made the right decision for all the wrong reasons. Having said that, with no concrete plan in hand to make a graceful exit .. what a mess!

One would hope the EU will undergo a major shakeup within.

President of the European Council Donald Tusk made an amazing statement a few days ago. He said the leaders of the EU have been pursuing their utopian dream of a united Europe on their terms while disregarding the current needs of the people (paraphrase).

Now, what's he's prepared or able to do about it .. I dunno.


So is the union of 50 states called "the United States" also just a "neoliberal/neocon structure"? There are numerous enormous benefits to a united borderless Europe.


The Beatles were opposed to borders. They would not have supported Brexit.


It was all by design. And how can you have Democracy. When the EU legislators don't have any powers to make laws?


The EU is not the source of any wage slavery - their capitalist bosses right at home are. There is nothing progressive about nationalism and borders. Unlike the insular nativist old farts, young British are not afraid to leave their rusting town, learn another language, and go anywhere they please in Europe for both employment, friendship and cultural enrichment. They will now be trapped in that run-down country that basically resembles - a huge rusting, Appalachian Johnstown, Pennsylvania, So of course they are pissed-off.


This is one of the many good reasons for Brexit. After all a nuclear war could ruin a good day for most of us. The EU has also aided and abetted the chaos and destruction in the countries of Syria and Libya.
Which is the main reason why there is a mass migration to Europe from these war torn areas. The EU as allowed the US to install a ultra rightwing/Neo nazi regime in Ukraine. That overthrew the elected government in a violent Coup. Thousands have died in Eastern Ukraine because of these actions and inactions by the EU.

"Washington Fears Brexit Will Unravel its anti-Russia Policy"


So say we break up into 50 independent nation-states - a passport being required cross any state line. How is that going to improve things? The most oppressive laws and anti-union activity, and obsequious to big business interests already come out of the state legislatures as it is.

What is it about "workers of the world unite!" that you do not understand. More borders is not freedom - quite the opposite.


Do you mean there are numerous benefits or there could be numerous benefits? As far as I can tell, the data suggest the quarter-century EU experiment has been a failure. The people of Europe have suffered terribly under EU control, both economically and politically. The EU is run by unelected officials whose purpose seems to be to impose a neoliberal/neocon-controlled society on the European population. I really believe that was the main driver of the Leave vote. That the Far Right jumped on board to fight immigration was enough to put Brexit over the top, but I don't think the English and the Welsh are any more racist or xenophobic than the Scots and the Irish. Yet the two groups voted the opposite of each other. My point is that the lack of "numerous benefits", in fact the erosion of benefits, was a key motivator for Brexit. Despite the open borders and resulting cultural integration, the outcome has been less than ideal for the poor and the middle class of Europe.


thank you for posting a' that.

Heres the last stanza

Then let us pray that come it may
(as come it will for a' that)
That Sense and Worth, o'er a' the earth
Shall bear the gree an' a' that
For a' that an' a' that
It's coming yet for a' that
That man to man, the world o'er
Shall brithers be for a' that

and a > link to the full poem and an interpretation. As to the latter, duuna know if you'd agree a' that


You need to brush up your knowledge about how the EU is structured and how power within the EU is exercised. Virtually the entire European economic system is under the management of unelected officials from member states whose primary objective is to implement a neoliberal policy on behalf of the world's finance sector, much like in the U.S. The British people have not seen the economic benefits promised by the EU at its inception, so why shouldn't they prefer to go it alone? They're making less money than before while their social safety net is under continual attack. With no way out, of course they are wage slaves.


I understand that if you just roll over, inverted totalitarianism gives one heck of a one way back rub.


I wonder if the banksters are also holding hands and singing "The Beatles' "Hey Jude"?


heres a link to the video launch - to paraphrase Varufakis at about min 5:00:
... It is the disaffected who no longer trust government but who don't know what to do and escape into watching reality TV.... that we must reach out to...


Dan Wright:


If the USA did break up into 50 independent nation-states, then satellite nations such as Britain and Australia would no longer do the empires bidding. South America and the middle east too would be free of the imperial yoke.


Quote: Some form of access to the single market and some deal on free movement – the two central issues – are agreed. It is a bespoke British deal. Britain remains outside the EU but only just.Unquote

That is absolutely absurd and falls right into the line of the reasons, why many European politicians will be glad to see the UK, with is incessant demands for special considerations, to be gone
Now they dream of getting all the advantages without paying the membership dues.
Even considering such an arrangement would encourage others to expect the same considerations.