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Brian Williams and Baghdad Bob


Brian Williams and Baghdad Bob

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Pierre Tristam

In 2008, Hillary Rodham Clinton lied when she claimed that she’d run across an airport tarmac in Bosnia to avoid sniper fire. It was left up to the comedian Sinbad, who was on the same trip with Clinton, to set her straight when he recalled that the only scary part of the trip was where they could all eat next.


Very nice take-down of serial liar, highly paid actor, and sycophant to power Brian Williams. Nice lift at the end to call out Williams’ bosses at NBC.

We can be sure, however, that whatever happens - including the possibility of a public firing of Williams - the sycophantic role of the corporate media will not shift one iota closer to honesty.

Get your news elsewhere. Friends don’t let friends consume corporate media.


Very informative and a good reminder of how damaging to democracy such overt lying is. I would also like to hear something about those lies of omission that lead to an uninformed or misinformed citizenry. My current concern is the lack of anything on CD to expose the ongoing efforts by the US to bring down the democratically elected government of Venezuela. Alternative news sources, such as this one, ought to be where we can find information to counter MSMs lies and distortions that are being spread about the situation in Venezuela and to report on the measures by many of the South American governments to rebuff this situation. But as I look through the headings and titles of articles, I find not a single one on CD addressing this crucial issue. The path that Venezuela and others in South America have taken is one of the most important in the quest to stop the rampages of imperial dominion. It is much too important to not be here.


I agree! The corporate MSM is the war mongering Fourth Estate for the fascist wars of the Fourth Reich. You watch the propaganda of the dinosaur corporate MSM: you are being brainwashed either covertly or overtly.


Not to worry, if need be Fox News is keeping a chair warm for Mr. Williams right next to the ones for Sean Insannity and Bill O’Really! I’m sure Mr. Williams will feel quite at home at Fox News!