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Bright Spots on Climate to End a Dark Year

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/30/bright-spots-climate-end-dark-year


Yes - a bit of light has crept in to a very dark four years.

First, January 5th in Georgia and January 6th on Capitol Hill.

Then - we can possibly think January 20.

I hope you come back after Jan 20 Ken Kimmell and add more depth to what you see needs doing ?

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I’ve seen enough of this meme to last me FAR past my final curtain: that 2020 was “the year from Hell,” and that it can’t go away soon enough.

This is me saying that that idea is only a dodge, a dodge that “excuses” those who MADE this year so bad. Trump, McConnell, Ted Cruz. Etc, etc, etcetera…

THOSE are the evil bad actors, NOT the Hand of Time, which will ALWAYS be FULLY impartial. Don’t blame the calendar; blame those AT FAULT, and HOLD THEM TO ACCOUNT FOR THEIR ACTIONS.

ONLY then, when I can be SURE they are gone, gone, and gone some more, will I consent to say that next year will be better. And if it won’t be, I’m not going to celebrate what is likely to be 2020 Part 2… Pandemic Gone Wild…