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'Bring It On': Green New Deal Champions Welcome McConnell's Cynical Ploy for Up-or-Down Vote


'Bring It On': Green New Deal Champions Welcome McConnell's Cynical Ploy for Up-or-Down Vote

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) appears to believe that he can divide and embarrass the Democratic Party by rushing ahead with a vote on the newly introduced Green New Deal resolution.

But, confident that the calculated ploy will backfire on the GOP, climate groups and progressive lawmakers are telling the Republican leader: "Bring it on."

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This gambit will be forgotten in a week or two by most people, except activists who McConnell doesn’t give a rip about and Justice Dem types that want to yell about sellouts. Hard to care. I do hope AOC is more cautious next time with legislative rollouts though. Being a clapback twitter star for online progressives is different than writing and passing substantiative legislation.

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I say the same for three words; Medicare for all.

Change the eligibility age to birth and vote on it now.



McConnell has nothing to do with this ploy. Schumer, like Pelosi, wants to swat the GND mosquito, so he cut a deal with Mitch. Mitch schedules an ‘up or down’ vote - no amendments, no debate - and the usual Democrats vote with the Republicans. The GND goes down 75-25, and, Schumer hopes, is fatally wounded. In exchange, Schumer agrees to fast-track yet another two dozen lifetime appointments to the Federal judiciary.



The Sunrise Movement’s mission statement needs to include a line: BEING A PIMPLE ON CONGRESSCRITTERS THAT WON"T GO AWAY !

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"Squash the Turtle - Let’s make Turtle Soup."

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And of course the due response to headlined inquiry would be something akin to … No $#!t Sherlock!

Thank you for the link. We need all the good documentation we can compile!



Hows 'bout an ole timey take on th issha?

POGO - the cartoon

“Yep son, we have met the enemy and he is us!” the origin o that there wisdom

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The Republican party needs to become a dinosaur like the Whig party did last century! And THE MOST CORRUPT, McConnell and his fellow Republican Great Oil Party climate deniers replaced by the Sunrise movement in conjunction with the real green new deal: THE GREEN PARTY.



The Repubs & deniers, et.al., are already on the wrong side of history.

How they (and the rest of us) ’end up’ will be determined by forces now well out of intelligent control. Time is certainly not on our side, but the effort to do something is still worth making.

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NO Thanks for your bullshit lies.



One thing’s for sure. McConnell isn’t worried about Chuck Schumer letting this happen. He knows because they’re both cut out of the same bolt of cloth



I think Mr P is spot on his theoretical backstory. I wouldn’t put anything past Israel’s Senator Mr Schumer.
But like AOC I hope Dim senators get flooded with mail and calls and vote for it or rue the day they did not. I know Senators Casey and Tombstone ( not an autocorrect mistake btw) are getting a metric shit ton from our family. Can’t win if you sit on the benches. We have to at least make the Dims think about what they might potentially be losing. Like their seats.



While you naysayers have a valid point, I’m going to support this NGD and a Senate vote on it.

I mean, damn, what other initiative is there? Naomi Klein speaks for me on this one, pipedream or not.



You describe a ten year topic. Change the eligibility date on medicare now. Vote on it, are you in? Medicare for all. Three words; vote yes or no on them tomorrow.



Vote or not, I finally have the opportunity to start a new career in the solar/wind farming industry and will do everything possible to be there ASAP. (damn it, did I have to utter that word “industry” — which is part of what got us to this climate point in the first place? --the other part being the blinding greed and ambition that fueled the climate killing industries)

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“If they vote for it, they’ll pretty much alienate any voter over the age of 30.”

… “pretty much” only those over 30 that a fool like you ASSociates with.

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I’m over 30. I will be alienated if they DON’T vote for it.