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Bring It On


Bring It On

Jonah Walters

Last week, Donald Trump told late-night television host Jimmy Kimmel that he would debate Bernie Sanders, so long as ABC agreed to make a hefty donation to charity. It was a joke, but the Sanders campaign responded seriously — bring it on.


My dog dumps stuff of better quality than the Trump.


I feel the establishment's burn right up my you know what...


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Walters sez: "I don’t debate losers, Trump explained."

Just blew coffee through my nose.
For months on end he "debated" 15 losers before kicking them out of the clown car.
Perhaps what he really meant to say was "My new campaign handlers are scared shitless of the U.S. voter seeing me on stage with this guy."


I 'm going to have fish around for the footage: Bernie vs. Chuck?

OK, I tried to get through what I could. In your a$$ Chuck!


While a debate appears to benefit Sanders greatly, wouldn't the MSM use this to muddy the waters, spinning the Bernie Bros, anti-Israel and anti-woman, anti- minority meme? Thus, painting a picture of resentment politics and class warfare against center-right, sensible and experienced Hillary and Bill lovers? Crystal Ball was cutoff at the knees for pointing out, on MSNBC, Bernie supporters aren't even considering Trump and his policies. Trump would lose a debate to a high school aged history or economics buff. That's a no-brainer because Trump is a no-brainer. But, Sanders should remember that, " when you wrestle with your opponent in hogwash, don't be surprised that you could come out smelling like manure. " The PTB wanted Bush or Clinton and they'll do anything to get what they want. Anything!!!


It would be great to see Bernie annihilate Trump in a debate Trump has never made sense or had viable proposals. He simply takes advantage of understandably angry and some hostile portions of the population by playing upon their fears and anger.

I agree, Bernie is amazing and the people need him and more like him. This is a good interview, too. If only he would be given this much attention by MSM...


My guess is that had this debate taken place the winner would have been Clinton. This certainly would have been a very nasty debate. On policy issues certainly Sanders would have scored more points given Trump doesn't really have coherent policies. And no matter how much Sanders pointed out Trump's lies and bigotry all this is well known and doesn't phase Trump's supporters. No doubt Trump would have tried to paint Sanders as a loser. He is losing to Clinton. And during several decades in Congress he hardly got any of his legislation passed. And of course Trump would have hammered him on increasing the budget by over a trillion dollars and greatly increasing taxes with his proposals. It certainly would have been entertaining but it is hard to see how it would have helped either candidate.


It would help for people to hear the truth. Clinton nor Trump are willing to provide that for the people.


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I cant see how Clinton would be the winner - by amplifying Sander's sane populism and contrasting it with Trumps lunatic faschoid populism, it would have left many more voters demanding that Clinton drop out in order to save the country from Trump.


Very little actual policy formulation is done by any US president - it is the advisers and cabinet secretaries who do that. Trump us already choosing to surround himself with some pretty extremist right wing advisers. So any notions of Trump being some kind of semi-harmless buffoon need to stop now.


You are just such a lying tool.

The tax increases that are being proposed by Sanders would offset the corporate taxes already being paid in the form of profits in the areas of healthcare and education.

Get it? A huge windfall for the US citizenry. You do get it, but you are a pesky little post writer in service to corporate governance.


By breaking up the too-big-to-fail banks (and hopefully other too-big-to-fail corporations) tens of trillions of dollars that Congress has put taxpayers on the hook for would no longer be needed for that purpose and could be redirected to Medicare for all and Sanders' other proposed "domestic programs". The 1% would pay slightly higher taxes to create a reserve and the 99% would pay no higher taxes than they are today.


The problem with borrowing millions from the Clinton Foundation is that they would only lend it at 15% interest.