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Bring On the Winged Monkeys, Stormtroopers and Human Sex Drug Traffickers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/08/25/bring-winged-monkeys-stormtroopers-and-human-sex-drug-traffickers

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That Gavin Newsom married Guilfoyle makes me question his judgement more than any policy he has endorsed.


Hi Mark_Tele:
I din’t know anything about her but my cousin and I decided to watch part of the RNC thing.
OMG--------she really was shrieking and doing weird hand and mouth movements. We decided to rename her Kinmerly GARGOYLE because sometimes she did look like one, and I thought that maybe gargolyles would sound like that.
The rest of what we saw was so horrifying. There was a blond lady in a red sweater, who I did not understand… something about being sick and getting help or not—but she wandered around mentally a LOT. That was sad. Then a nurse credited the Donald with saving workers with all, the PPE. But the saddest part was that there were so many lies about covid. : Gargoyles, and scheming and lying…OH MY!


For those of you who missed the druggy days of the 60s…well, here’s your chance to experience them. Truly. I made it through 90 seconds of Donny Jr and 30 seconds of girlfriend before wondering if someone had slipped me some bad LSD and I was tripping. Then I realized this shit was real! And people were lapping it up!
I’m gonna need stronger meds to get through the next couple of months…


That pompous witch makes HRC look like
a rank dilettante at best. She looks and
acts more like an abrasive, self-righteous,
know it all. No wonder she is dating Fredo, aka,
Trump Jr.


Hi wudangmountain:
Actually , she reminded me of Hillary a lot. Especially whe thought she was going to win. : )

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It interesting how the media in collusion with the Republicans AND the Democrats are at work trying to redefine what “the left” is.

The Democrats in no way shape or form are on the left. They are a party of the RIGHT. The public in accepting these definitions of what constitutes “the Left” tend to be clueless as to what it really is because if they were aware of what it really means, there would be a whole lot of people on board.

What they are doing here is in fact acting in concert to make the true left disappear. It will obviosuly always be there , but if it never mentioned or talked about it in essence does not exist as far as they are concerned.


America really has lost the plot. Yes. But we hope to find it again.

And that’s why we want you to donate to Bloomberg’s Help Elect the War-mongering Befuddled Bankster Robot for President Fund.

It’ll do so much for our future.

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At this point it’s pretty much a toss-up between “grim” and “none”.

Are you hinting that Biden would enter us into a nuclear conflict with Russia? Good point.

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OMG Guilfoyle looks just like the fabled “Bat Child” of Weekly World News fame.


The truth is the democratic party won’t be able to defeat these lunatics in November.
End stage capitalism.

But Bat Boy’s cool. She’s a skreechy skank.

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Where do they find demons like her? This screeching owl from hell could scare the brimstone out of Satan’s ass. If she and Trumph’s son have kids they’ll be born with cloven hooves

No, I NEVER had anything even remotely as bad as what I just read. I’m so glad I threw the fu**ing tv out in 1993 because I don’t have to have nightmares of actually hearing the voices and seeing video…still pictures are enough I think.

Mark_Tele: you see how big that mouth is, and how deep? There’s the reason Gavin married this…got some Bill Clinton in him I guess.

wudangmountain: Nothing makes HRC look any different than this woman. We came we saw he died then the evil witch of the East’s psychotic cackle? Naw, same vicious insanity with a different face is all.

Suspira: No kidding. It’s mindblowing that people that call themselves Democrats are exactly what I called Republicans in 1980 that put Reagan into office. Biden and Harris are Ronnie and Nancy…does she consult astrology before she puts parents in jail for truant kids?

thatmoneywentpoof: What, you got something against billionaire sociopaths?

Ernestine: No, it’s a toss up between…sistemic Fascism or dictator Fascism neither are a choice I am willing to make.

Ernestine: I must have missed that but then I don’t watch tv…

GreyGhost: very little chance as the DNC just murdered their most active segment of their party, the young progressives.

vaquero: There has always been women like this throughout both parties. Sarah Palin? Madeline Albright? Margaret Thatcher? Ann Coulter? I mean, you don’t get in power being a pleasant intelligent thoughtful woman. I sure do miss Molly Ivins, though, now there was wit, grace, and intelligence all wrapped up in a razor-sharp mind.

Hey, their god hates the Deep South tonight. 140mph sustained windspeed over Lake Charles about 40 minutes ago…


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Whoa. Joe Biden is going to prevent Trump voters from having any more babies? Maybe I should vote for him after all.


Ugh, They should pass out emesis bags for anyone that plans to watch the whole presentation.