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Bringing Dishonor Upon an Honorary Award


Bringing Dishonor Upon an Honorary Award

Paul Paz y Miño

We just found out that the Commonwealth Club of California – the "nation's oldest and largest public affairs forum" – plans to honor Chevron CEO John Watson as a "distinguished global citizen" who has "given back" to the global community.


So, another so-called “impartial” organization has been compromised by corporate money.

I guess that, with the Nobel Peace Prize being given to flunkies and murderers, we should expect no other outcome.



This kind of thing has always happened. Nicholas Camicia of Pittston Coal, who presided over 125 dead - often whole families, at Buffalo Creek, West Virginia in 1972, went on to receive all sorts of awards and has a chair in the Virginia Tech Mining Rngineering Department named after him.

Google “Nicholas Camicia Pittston” and get ready to puke.

Here is a good article written back when journalists were still occasionally afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted

: http://buffalocreekflood.net/media/Bethell-Pittston-Mentality.pdf


Bravo to AmazonWatch for their tireless work.
You can register your disapproval of Mr. Watson’s award by
e-mailing the CEO of the Commonwealth Club, Dr. Gloria Duffy: gduffy@commonwealthclub.org