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'Bringing People Together' Big Time as Sanders Attracts Tens of Thousands


'Bringing People Together' Big Time as Sanders Attracts Tens of Thousands

Jon Queally, staff writer

It was by far the largest turnout for any presidential candidate this year, nearly 30,000 people turned out in Portland, Oregon on Sunday evening at a rally for Bernie Sanders where the city's Moda Center was filled to capacity and thousands more were directed to overflow areas to watch the event on large screens.

"Whoa. This is an unbelievable turnout," said the U.S. senator and presidential candidate after taking the podium.


Hillary must be 19 shades of green. Good for you Bernie!


Now if he will come out with an ‘issue statement’ concerning war and peace, without hemming and hawing about it, he will have me 100%.


Keep Bernie honest. It’s Sanders or no one–make the pledge. Force Sanders to be that 3rd-party spoiler; write him (or the Green Party candidate) in if Hillary gets the nomination (which she will). Progressives have to take a stand: we won’t be pied piped into the Hillary camp.


The DNC’s Theater of Liberal Distraction is working. And it simply shouldn’t.
Don’t get fooled again, friends:

STEPHANOPOULOS: So if you lose in this nomination fight, will you support the Democratic nominee?
SANDERS: Yes. I have in the past.
STEPHANOPOULOS: Not going to run as an independent?
SANDERS: No, absolutely not. I've been very clear about that.


Maybe people will begin to focus their righteous negativity towards the other candidates where the criticisms are far more valid and necessary. Why target the one candidate who would do the most to fix endemic problems in America and at the same time allow the republicans and even Hillary to escape criticism?


In my view . . . we love you Bernie!


If Bernie draws crowds like this in Portland, just imagine the crowds he will draw in Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia.


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Unless these numbers, the people, individuals and individuals in community, take the clarity of popular demand for change into action in the concerns in local governance and economic integrity, the filling of ‘arenas’ (and really think about what this says about engagement) the turnout is naught but barometric reading. Arenas are not roots and ‘issues’ are but titles under which the diversity of social life is lived every day at the local level. Why else would the dominant powers spend decades and fortune on the insidious manipulations of organizations like ALEC ‘easing the way’ for the framing not of healthy lived concerns, but an intensifying, arcane, extractive model imposed by powers fed by precisely that extractive and exclusionary legacy?


The only song I ever learned by heart (except Happy Birthday)…

“Arise, you prisoners of starvation. Arise, you wretched of the earth
For justice thunders condemnation, for a better world’s in birth.
No more tradition’s change shall bind us. Arise you slaves, no more in thrall.
The earth shall rise on new foundation: we have been naught, we shall be all.”

Food for thought.


I hope he considers wearing a bullet proof vest at such time, or having a loyal supporter test any drinks passed his way.


What a mishmash.

Sometimes I wonder if you are an actual person, or if your comments are the product of I.T. technology attempting to lace together lots of talking points made by others.

What is it that you are attempting to say here?

When your likely tag team pals lament that U.S. citizens are sheep and don’t know what’s going on or care, and then evidence of all sorts of protests AND engagement show up, you still find ways to revert back to the same Talking Points.


One can get a pretty good idea of the education level of posters so this is indicative of that basis for evaluation:


“This is a repetition of the excitement generated by Obama in 2007-08 and if BS is elected he’ll perdue the same warmonger, pro-racist/zionist policies as Obama. And he’ll maintaining the same cozy relations with Trumka and other labor misleaders.”

Gotta love that “perdue” item.

Angry white conservative males tend to be the types who don’t actually read anything. They also gravitate to the armed services to prove their macho to other baboons in the male-dominant herd. Bernie Sanders is their worst nightmare… other than a Black guy or woman running the corporate brand of today’s America, Inc.

It’s no coincidence that all of you clowns show up and cast aspersions at Mr. Sanders AS IF anything or anyone else is speaking about some of the key issues of our times and out there.

While one or two of the new assigned Sanders’ character assassins (up bright and early to strategically control the conversation) may actually be Left-purists, it’s far likelier that the Koch Brothers are funding at least one think tank assigned to any and all message threads associated with Progressive values. Hence the dominant baboons in this thread pushing indictments of Mr. Sanders. How many of these clowns like Scott Walker or Trump, for that matter? THAT is what they’ll (and we’ll) end up with if the BEST viable candidate isn’t supported.

It KILLS them that Mr. Sanders is lighting fires under the butts of all those this same tag team defines as sheeple.


Bernie’s going nowhere. It’s the summer of Bernie, but by fall he’ll be finished.


It was a beautiful day here yesterday with temperatures around 80 degrees. If it had been 100 like it was last weekend only 3 or 4 people would of showed up. I swear I’m not lying because this crowd was just an act of nature rebelling against the hoax of weekly climate change. 28,000 disillusioned lost souls who can’t see this ice cream peddler from and for Israel is an old pied piper with a new flute! s/ s/ s/ !


Your screen name suits you. It’s apt.


He made numerous antiwar statements during the rally and voiced support for the Iran Nuclear agreement.


How do posters like you sleep at night?

Do you realize that you are arguing for The Big Banks, lousy wages, Monsanto’s “right” to poison us all, and imminent cuts to Social Security?

Did you see the Kangaroo court of Republican court jesters on Team B? And THAT doesn’t scare you?

As if someone who has all of “your” values and “virtues” and will save the world like a Superman stepping straight out of a comic book is ready to show up and turn things around.


“Well…isn’t that Special!” as the Church Lady used to say. I’m no big fan of Zionists, but I do try to paint with a smaller brush. And that goes double for your characterization of Senator Sanders.