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Britain Votes in 'Down to the Wire' Election


Britain Votes in 'Down to the Wire' Election

Common Dreams staff


but in the UK, there are other smaller parties which waters down the excesses of the 2 main ones, and whilst not proportional representation, it manages to achieve a semblance of it. You get these weird “pacts” to get over that line. Also in the UK, there is a much bigger acceptance for proportional representation and I would bet that it will win the day in any future referendum on electoral change. They just dare not raise it now. So hope for change…


They are all of that and much, much more- If every American knew their real and true history they would know about how the FED and CFR became the deciding factors in American economic, Political and Cultural life here in America- Just google the “Council on Foreign Relations” and look at all of the main power brokers of the past century…
We won the War for Independence, but the likes of Rhodes, Rothschild/round table and that Crowned Monarchy took it all back in 1913 through the FED and fiat/usurious financial manipulation thanks to President Woodrow Wilson and Rothschild/Morgan point man Aldrich - American involvement in WW-1 thru today has been A turn-key operation due to the FED- The International Bankers who already own the manufacturing base of this world can just dial up the right $$$ for War and put it on “the tab” for American tax payers- No need for angry American sudden taxes for these Presidential mandated Wars, the FED will “loan” us all the money that un-needed money at an exorbitant interest rate to line the pockets of Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Carlisle Group, and General Dynamics etc. to indenture our progeny to pay at an exorbitant price for this insidious RACKET for decade upon decade to come!
How can the American people Justify A cut in food stamps where in A jobless economy people live on $29.00 A week and 1 in 3 children go to bed hungry at night?- What are their parents sacrificing if their children are starving? how can the purchase of armaments even enter into this conversation? Austerity my ass!
War, Financial boom and bust economy, Usury, Bankster manipulation and Political chicanery have delivered this Republic of America back into the hands of the British Empire-
It is all an ILLUSION, A cheap huckster Empire scam and that is all that it is…Wake up America!!!