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British Parliament Gets Fracked


British Parliament Gets Fracked

Jon Queally, staff writer

As a way to "bring the local impacts of fracking to the heart of democracy" in the UK, Greenpeace volunteers opposed to the Conservative-led government's push for dangerous gas development erected a life-like ten-meter drilling rig at the footsteps of Westminster in the pre-dawn hours on Monday.


Apparently British democracy has a leg up on the US. Because corporations are people under US law, most states have already passed laws transferring local control of fossil fuel extraction from municipalities and counties to the state in order to protect the corporate right to drill for “unearned profits.” I wish the Brits luck in staving off this attack on their rural communities.

It is pretty disconcerting to see Lancashire misspelled so many times, especially since it was spelled properly in the quote in the third paragraph.


Let’s remember how Hillary Clinton served the fracking industry in her official role as Secretary of State. We in the US are still threatened by this corrupt industry, their subversion of public officials, like Hillary, and the deadly effects of fracking on our environment, not least of which is the transportation of fracked gas via potentially deadly pipelines moving gas, mostly for export!

We cannot afford another Clinton administration or more corruption by elected “public servants” who actually serve corporate profits above all else!
Only one way hidden payoffs/kickbacks disguised as “speaking fees” are earned!


Frackin’ frackers are fracked!!!


Wonderful… but we’ll see how long the protest lasts. Hopefully the public awareness will have some effect. Personally not opposed to reasonable energy development - but regulations to protect environment and quality of life for the community must be in place - with both fines (high enough to repair damage and motivate them not to risk simply a slap on the wrist) and jail terms for executives who willfully ignore regulations.


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I spent my early childhood in Britain, and am heartened to see this.
For those who’ve not seen it, the British countryside is breathtakingly beautiful (at least the last time seen).

As I’ve suggested to my indifferent relatives there, fracking is protracted suicide.


Rapidly disappearing so see it whilst you still can. There used to be regulation to protect ‘greenfield’ (IE rural) land from development but this Tory government have ‘relaxed’ that (IE thrown it out) paving the way for developers to literally ‘pave the way’ and cover it in new housing to cope with the rapidly expanding population. Meanwhile, so called ‘agri-barons’ rip out miles of hedgerows to replace small independent farms with giant hedgeless and treeless arable fields so they can farm more profitably as they are more agricultural corporations than farms, the small farmer now being well on the back foot. And many of the pretty little villages complete with pub, Post Office, Library and school that have been around for over a thousand years are where the urban wealthy often buy second homes, forcing property prices beyond the reach of the local working population who may have lived there for 30 generations driving them out and then leaving the houses empty for most of the year so the pub, the PO, the school and the library all close down leaving a kind of picturesque but soulless ghost town. Capitalism strikes again. So much for leaving things to the market and letting Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand’ protect us all.


Seems to me that there is no way this form of energy extraction can ever be made safe, clean or environmentally acceptable.
It’s well known that in the US many townships which once welcomed the industry have since bitterly regretted it, due to the health problems which come from air pollution - many toxins in the air resulting in sickness among children, and families feeling they have to move away out of the area.
Add water pollution, with inflammable and explosive methane flowing from the taps, with even families’ wells being contaminated and the companies admitting their liability and so shipping in supplies of bottled water (see the PBS America documentary on Fracking)…
For each well, thousands of lorry-loads of fresh water had to be provided. That fresh water then is mixed with hundreds of known - and unknown / secret - chemicals, pumped deep deep down and along long pipelines below ground to split the shale, horizontally. Pumped back above ground it is now not only toxic, due to all those chemicals, but also radioactive.
More thousands of lorry-loads of this stuff then has to be moved to be dumped - but where?
We still don’t know what to do about nuclear waste, from Sellafield etc.
Add to these issues, the fact that the desired horizontal splitting can also result in gases escaping via vertical geological faults, and also via cracks in 6-7% of well casings…
This industry has been banned totally by Australia and France and possibly other countries, as well as some of the American states.
All industries work on a profits before people principle - and this one is just too darn risky for us to take these chances. As the US has found out this is a question of wealth or health.
With oil and gas prices now so low, it is doubtful if the costs would justify these companies spending much to compensate for the harm they would definitely do.
But, hey, not to worry - Koch Industries is experienced in paying off politicians.
Compensation??? dream on suckers!