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Britons Gear Up to Defend NHS From Privatization Scheme as Tories Win Strong Majority in UK Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/13/britons-gear-defend-nhs-privatization-scheme-tories-win-strong-majority-uk-election

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As I said on the other thread, the English people have made their choice. They would rather be racists and xenophobes than to have their NHS because they have resigned themselves to the fact that they would rather do without the NHS then to let colored people and immigrants have the same benefits as them.
Now they will all do without.


The universe is balanced, for every action there is a reaction, and only time will be the catalyst.

This too could be fun to watch, especially how the propaganda machine over there tries to spin it.


Surely they will. And fear of immigrants is how they got the vote to leave the eu in the first place.


A different story I know, but the U$ $ickness-industrial complex reminds me of Matt Taibbi’s giant vampire squid metaphor at work.


I fear the 2020 elections in the USA will mirror these results. While conservatives scream the rhetoric of hate, the (supposed) progressives will stand on the double yellow line and whisper about “moderation”. The conservative voters will be energized by their racism and xenophobia and turn out in record numbers, while the democratic electorate (at least those who haven’t been “purged” from voting rolls) will approach the polls with a mixture of apprehension and apathy.
We all know what happens to things that go down the middle of the road. Yup, they get run over. I fear the democrats of 2020 are about to be run over.


Jake Johnson’s earlier optimistic article on Labour’s future prospects already demonstrates his distance from understanding UK politics.

The NHS was never ever immune from privatisation and numerous hospital building projects demonstrate this. Nor was it ever safe from the nefarious power of the global pharmaceutical industry.

The fight is on with the Tory Party and the consequences that will be felt by Brexit. But it will not be Labour who organises us. We await the development of a new resistance movement to King Capital. I am confident it will arise.


Thank you Brits, I thought we Americans had a lock on morons. Seem we will now have to work harder to remain #1.


Has to be a rigged election!!! How will be ever know the true results of any election! Time to invest in pitchforks and torches!

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So… Putin? Duh!

But, but… NY Times said he was an anti-semitic Rooski-bot™


The vote in the U.K. has really got me sick at heart. I knew it was coming but I realize I was holding out hope of the opposite. For the life of me I cannot grasp, and I have tried mightily, how anyone, anyone at all could vote for the likes of Trump or vote for a Tory MP that would give Bozo Johnson the PM job… it has literally given me nausea.
I feel we are entering a very Dark Age that, at 63, I will likely die in… how depressing.
Just like the xenophobic, poor,white, unemployed, underemployed, debt ridden Trump voters I wonder how the average Brit of the same ilk sees the Torys and especially Brexit as actually changing their circumstances for the better. I know they are rabidly xenophobic but when their wait times at the NHS sextuple in just a few months because they have thrown out all the doctors, nurses and allied professions who are from other countries who are they going to blame? And when the fees start to appear for vitally necessary things that used to be free whom are they going to blame. When food prices soar and supplies dwindle who will they blame?
How can people take an axe to their own self interest like that?

Soon as I get a few final reports done I am bagging work today… the animals at the shelter will be glad to see me at least…


The UK is already ruined by having crammed too many people on an island and due to environmental ruination.
I lived there during the Thatcher years in a rural county and it was idyllic, quiet, like being in a 17th century movie. Beautiful open spaces, footpaths, rivers, fens. Safe to ride bicycles even on the narrowest little roads hemmed in by hedgerows.
The local residents, many of whom were farmers, were racists and they hated me just because I was American. They hated the “Pakis and Doos” even more. They also had bad teeth and smelled bad.
And in the years I was there, the summer temperature never topped more than 76°F and it could rain, sleet and snow all in one July day. Now, the UK is a hot mess with drought, fires, searing heat, loss of village life, traffic jams, tons of crime, and an Idiocracy populace.


The Brits have voted themselves out of healthcare, out off climate sanity, workers rights and instead have voted to remain a colony subservient to the US. the might as well have voted to dissolve their country.


In depth articles explained how previously well paid workers in the old industrial heartland felt betrayed by the EU, globalization, and massive immigration that drove down wages and eroded their culture. No use blaming them, the system made them losers But they are likely to fight to keep the NHS.
I hope this is a wake-up call to American progressives not to do wishful thinking about some silent left-wing majority to be mobilized - the only way to win is to build a wide coalition with moderate elements, they too need such a coalition.

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It would be nice if this were a wakeup call to the people in this country, but alas, most people don’t really care about what is taking place in other countries.


Reviewing the 2008 summer economic meltdown, crash and burn.
It was London financial leading USA to ruin.They made easy money handling USA mortgage bonds that were over rated by Moody’s and others in NYC. They scalped 2% of face value as they sold the paper.

I write that the britz empire includes Canada and USA !! We can vote to remove that yoke of oppressive financial control. Libor interest rate scandal is tip of the choke hold they have over our economy and prospects for future prosperity.


Wow… lot’s of negativity here!!
A few points:

  1. This is just 1 election (the battle not the war). At least Britain has an NHS to fight for (please note the im-“proper” dangling participle for affect:)
  2. Corbyn was not the best candidate (lots of “baggage” and no unionist fire in the gut imho:). Also sitting on the fence re:Brexit was always a losing strategy.
  3. I expect English Conservatives will pay an economic/ political price for Brexit… 4 years hence another chance for Labour and a Green New Deal

Probably not.

  1. The chances of a progressive winning the Dem nomination are surely less than 50%.
  2. If a progressive ticket wins the nomination (Warren/ Sanders or vice-versa), their main ask re: Medicare for All and the beginning of a Green New Deal should be popular and a pretty easy sell.
  3. With Warren in particular, the emphasis is on regulation and taxation, not nationalization… unlike Corbyn who wanted to nationalize the coal industry, railroads, etc. Of course Warren needs to be honest and upfront re: taxes and medicare… your taxes will go up (and in Ontario the last line on the tax form is euphemistically called a “Health Premium”:). Healthcare is expensive and the best one can hope for is collectively… “ya get what ya pay for”.


If you’re suggesting a moderate coalition of white British rednecks aligning with white American rednecks; to protect racist and wealthy elite plutocrats ( Tories in Britain, Canada and U.S. ) hiding inside a Multi-National Kleptocracy called Neo-Liberalism and the ( monolithic ) Corporotocracy-- well, great idea if you like small Endless Wars and the subjugation of the citizens of the entire Global South. Note: China doesn’t really care as they’ve got some other big fish to keep in the frying pan/wok.
Africa, South America and S.E. Asia will be further stripped of their treasure and national wealth, Indigenous populations herded onto the New Rez and the U.S. PIC will become a growth industry outside its current boundaries.
All to " comfort the already comfortable ", who see $$$ as a blanket of insulation against the coming unwashed hordes. Who come in peace and will eventually leave in pieces, pretty much.
The citizens of countries like Bolivia, Nicaragua, Venezuela and, most of Africa, will be introduced to the old colonial machinations of the British Neos, once again. With a U.S. iron fist backing it up, for very good measure, no doubt.
Propping up the NHS is a symbolic fight, since the $$$ to support it, has to be extracted from somewhere and, someone’s elses account. The Tories, under P.M. Johnson, certainly don’t want to carry the payload, do they?
This has nothing to do with culture and, everything to do with short-term profits, as the Brits fend off a more dire future. Their alignment with the U.S., however, won’t stop the Atlantic seas from rising, the oil wells from drying up, the end of their fanciful dreams from turning into pools of sweat.
Their Old Gray Goose will be cooked. Not this holiday, but soon enough. It’s unfortunate they’re reverting to form and taking a lot of decent people over the white cliffs of Dover, with them.