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Britons Respond to Trump Attack on UK Healthcare: 'Nobody Here Would Trade for What America Has'


Britons Respond to Trump Attack on UK Healthcare: 'Nobody Here Would Trade for What America Has'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Months after his party failed to pass deeply unpopular legislation that would have taken healthcare from tens of millions of Americans, President Donald Trump on Monday launched an attack on "universal healthcare" that misleadingly attempted to use ongoing protests in the United Kingdom as proof that publicly-funded systems don't work.


Twitler trashing something he doesn’t understand? What a shocker. That reminds me of Grandpa Caligula Reagan using Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” at his campaign rallies; because he liked the chorus, he probably never listened to the rest of the words.


How can you have a healthy country full of sick people? This may be one of the main reasons behind the failure of America, it’s full of sick people that cannot afford healthcare.


Trump appears to believe bombing and austeritizing innocent families are necessary to preserve capitalist goodness and the pentagonian domino theory of war.


Not to mention the US Veterans Administration (VA) medical system is a carbon copy of UK Healthcare, including being allowed to negotiate drug prices.


‘Nobody Here Would Trade for What America Has’

I don’t believe that’s true: The oligarchs of Britain, like the oligarchs here, would prefer the US system because it would facilitate lowering taxes on themselves.

The oligarchs don’t want tax money wasted by being spent on the masses. They want it all (pretty much).


Trump and most in congress have no trouble with socialized military in the service of private wealth.


My son had emergency surgery in Germany,NO BILL! Not one penny.


Some republicans still use that song at rallies, apparently failing to realize it’s an anti-war anthem.
But that’s ok, their electorate doesn’t grasp it either.


The same with my aunt, many years ago.


The only thing I can say, in the simplistic, crude age of Trump is; “what a fucking ass hole”.


Or in many cases to properly feed and house themselves.


Most of the “electorate” doesn’t grasp much of fucking anything. Try listening to CSPAN 1 in the morning when they have the open phone lines. I’m telling you, it’s better than SNL, Daily show or any comedy I have ever heard. One warning though, listen at your own risk it is definitely bad for your mental health.


Well, yes and no. We have plenty of really sick people with really good health care (e.g., Koch brothers, Agent Orange himself, most members of Congress…).


Do you ever get the feeling that 99% of the people in the United States could be for something and yet it somehow never happens? It’s called democracy - US style. The 1% are well protected by the electoral college, the U.S. Senate and the two-party system.


Yes, my parents were traveling in groups in France and England and someone needed health care. They took care of them without going through the insurance interrogation you would get in the U.S. and yes, there was no charge. Remember - these were foreigners from the U.S. not French or English citizens. Our country is so backwards in so many ways but then look at who we put in as our leaders.


The VA needs thousands of workers and the government is not hiring workers. The right here, like in the UK with the NHS, would like to undermine the VA and then use the VA’s struggles as a pretext to dismantle the VA. They’re doing something similar with the post office. The right wing could simply hire people that are needed within the VA, which would help it greatly, but they don’t exist as politicians to solve problems and to make institutions like the VA better. Their job is to dismantle everything their donors want them to and to dismantle anything that would challenge their reality-less beliefs. The VA, despite its struggles, is still extremely popular and I would bet that most Americans would prefer VA like coverage to what they currently have.


I do not know much about Britain, but I have people in my family as well as friends who are Canadian and they ALL TELL ME THAT QUOTE IS TRUE FOR THEM!


One of the signs says “Save Ealing Hospital.” Just like in Berkeley, where the signs say "Save Alta Bates Hospital."
This is perhaps the most dangerous aspect of privatization: When hospitals are run for profit INSTEAD of healing, they are within their rights to close hospitals as they see fit.
This literally endangers our lives.


This is the government strategy whenever they want to destroy something - do away with the needed resources to make something work right and then later turn around and blame the area or the institution. This is common in urban redevelopment ploys. Instead of maintaining and keeping an area fixed up by allocating resources, they ignore the area, let it run down and then blame the area for urban blight and come in a tear it down and put up whatever the developers want. VA and everything else can and will be the targets of this. Start cutting the needed funds to have a well run organization and a few years down blame the entity for its failures and start the cut backs. It is amazing how short the memory is of the U.S. people. Go out to middle America and look at some of the towns and communities which have been economically devastated over the years. People are beginning to forget what prosperity was like. Where we once had a thriving main street, we now how a monolithic Walmart or people order from Amazon.