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Brits Don't Mince Words: The Most Irreverent and Radical Signs From UK's Historic Anti-Trump Protest


Brits Don't Mince Words: The Most Irreverent and Radical Signs From UK's Historic Anti-Trump Protest

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Despite the American corporate media's efforts to obscure the radical, irreverent, and often obscene signs on display across the United Kingdom on Friday, the disgust hundreds of thousands of Britons feel toward Donald Trump and Trumpism could not be s


Bloody brilliant!


My favorite: History teachers against history repeating itself.



Now, the Brits cannot actually get rid of this monster and everyone of his congressional enablers but we in the US can. This is a planetary emergency to avoid nuclear winter and the utter collapse of our eco-systems. I am not waiting for total non resistance to catch on for now but along with some commies I know who never vote we will and then proceed to clean out the swamp from both major parties. Let’s do it and stop thinking of leaving for now–our kids deserve a livable future. No platform for the fascist, no way! Enough with the hate!


That was good, I also enjoyed “Our crowd is bigger than you’re crowd”.
We desperately need to mimic the UK’s protesters, Trump has stated how uncomfortable it makes him. that needs to continue when he comes home.


Unfortunately, in the US peaceful protest leads to arrests and jail. We have to protest anyway, I’m just pointing to the remarkable difference in the way protesters are treated…


Funny, they seem to have a very good grasp of exactly who and what Trump is. Yet the UK government is every bit as corrupted as ours is, and for many of the same reasons.


I like that one too. Thinking about my sign. Maybe, If my words did glow




Does calling someone a cunt, a fart, a twat and a pile of shit really do anything?

Did you ever think maybe Trump is a total submissive bottom and this is exactly what he likes to hear?


deleted by poster


Yes, exactly what I was thinking. They don’t have to worry about getting brutalized by the police like we do here. When we protest here, we might not make it home that night – we could be in the hospital or in jail or worse. We have to be braver here to fight.


When the tRumpMonkey brownshirts turn up, treason is the order of the day.


You are not wrong there my son. Maggie May was the first to go brown nosing thar bastard and she is tarred with the same brush. Trump is a skid mark on the underpants of society.


LOL, althejazz,
maybe Trump will just be a skid mark in the story of WORLD HISTORY and no one will notice him again.


Odd, nobody called him a molester or a guy with blood leaking out of his nasal passages, which is why he has to snort it back down his throat every two minutes.


I just wanted to say, “Thank you, Brits” for telling it like it is, while we here in the U.S. are sitting in a circle wondering whether it’s okay/PC to say these things!


I agree, and not just jailed for protest, many times charged with felonies that authorities know will be costly to defend against and have long sentences if you lose. This is one more item to add to the list, the list of things the 1% are pushing to convince the masses they can’t fight back.
They don’t believe there’s a tipping point. I think they are mistaken.


No I never thought that.


Too bad the major network news coverage gave Trump about 7 minutes coverage, and the demonstration about 15 seconds (I watched NBC). The number of demonstrators was summed up as “tens of thousands,” and their were no close-ups.