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Brits Don't Mince Words: The Most Irreverent and Radical Signs From UK's Historic Anti-Trump Protest


Mass shift in public sentiment is sometimes detectable even if you lack a lot of intuition/perception of undercurrents. The same feeling that establishment favorite Hillary could lose to Trump might now be felt regarding her successor. November voting will surely be interesting. Let’s try to keep it clean.



You’ve surpassed yourself with this one, man.

And you might well be, as the Brits like to say, “Spot on!”


I totally agree! Shame on them. Here’s NBC’s


We just have to remember that the anti-Crumpus crowd is FAR larger than the pro Trump crowd. Resist!


HUMP TRUMP! --Necrophiliacs Anonymous


American’s could learn from the British to stand up to the asshole Trump


If the trumptard is still in office when/if that goddamned military parade takes place we need to be in DC with signs like the ones the Brits carried.


The British, ironically enough, seem to have greater freedom of expression than we do. It makes one wonder if breaking away was such a good idea after all.


I love this protest. It’s great fun. And Trump is a sort of record setting asshole.

But I would remind you that Obama set the record for deportation. Obama also favored off shore drilling. Hillary is a great proponent of fracking.

We have few decent office holders in the USA of either party, you could count them on two hands. That is how Trump was elected, through an act of desperation by the electorate.


UK = Freedom

USA = not so much


You would have to look at what is left of the British Empire to answer that one.


This march was SO terrific. I got pics from some London friends (where I lived back in the 60s) and wished I could have been with them. Thanks for this.
PS- I’m a monthly donor. Wish it could be more, but I share your articles like crazy!


I was in the UK three years ago when 30,000 British Muslims and Leftists marched in the streets in support of the Hamas terrorist group. I am sure many of those idiots are here.


I wonder how many hits a petition thanking the Brits in their participation of the protest against Thump would get world wide?


Jake, I sympathize with you on the fact that we American citizens are nowhere near as focused, nor EFFECTIVE in protesting than are our British cousins!

I wrote this comment as a long reply to another Mainer commenting in the local (and sometimes censoring and inept) “Portland Press Herald” — which stayed up for about 15 minutes before it switched to “pending approval” status in the PPH:

Fortunately both WCSH Ch 6 and WMTW 8 both had images of my only protest, march, and demonstration signs which simply shout-out


and on the reverse side, under the image of ‘Our’ (not Emperor Tump’s) American Flag:

“We can’t be an EMPIRE”

"MichaelsDisqussion (the PPH commenter), you are exactly ‘on-target’ when you say, “he’s just wasting everyone’s time and money” – snip – (this) “will never solve the problem.”

And the seminal reason that ‘nothing’ Sessions says “will ever solve the problem” is that Jeff Sessions is merely the Obergruppenführer-AG of Emperor Trump’s illegal In-Justice Department:

The American colonists under the British EMPIRE used to be the most
informed, unified, and EFFECTIVE Protestors in the WORLD during the
later half of the 18th century (1763 to 1776) — when the underfunded,
under-maned, under-equipped, and far less capable force successfully
over-came and over-threw the most powerful EMPIRE in the world at that
time, the almost ‘global’ British EMPIRE.

WhatTF happened to us (and the U.S.) now? That we can’t do “Revolution Against Empire” [the title of Justin du Rivage’s DEFINITIVE history of the American Revolution] even as well as the massive and unified British people who are being applauded by the New York “Times”, the “Washington Post”, and even our local Portland based leading progressive web-site “Common Dreams”?? all of which media say the modern Brits are doing it better!

These formerly domestic ‘subjects’ of the British Empire are now doing
“Revolution Against Empire”; better, more strategically, more creatively,
more coherently, more effectively than ‘we the American people’ who
once produced the most shocking “Revolution Against Empire” — in the
modern world (or what was rightly called the “New World”).

I’ll be writing a rather lengthy commentary on that question for my local
Portland (Maine) Press Herald, the Maine based “Common Dreams”, and here
at the most insightful populist-progressive (and educational) alt-media
web-site in America — “Popular Resistance”.

It will take me a while to compose and summarize my experiences from local protesting here
in Portland over the years since my “Occupy” days, up to yesterday
(nominally against Jeff ‘the racist’ Sessions — but really against
Emperor Trump), and from my long fight (as a Bernie delegate) with
Bernie himself, and with his ineffective strategy and inept/incomplete
campaign two-word sound-bite slogan of merely “Political Revolution”
(without an ‘object’).

But the long slug of producing a sufficient
commentary on this critical subject “On Revolution” [Hannah Arendt]
will be worth the effort, because the old, long time, and -dead-wrong
slogan “You can’t cure stupid” fails to tell the whole truth that “You
can cure stupid — with education”.

MichaelsDisqussion, we will have to talk this through and help all Portland citizens make Maine the true Dirigo ‘to lead, leader’ out of this Empire and Emperor Trump.


Bless the Brits!! We need to see protests AT LEAST as large here in the *&%& States of America!


Jake — while Fern and ReconFire’s choice of British protest signs are very creative and attention drawing (as all these British signs and protest efforts are in OUT-DOING our sorry state of NOT protesting EMPEROR TRUMP in our own country) I vastly prefer for strategic and effective reasons the British signs that simply shout-out:


Since these British signs almost match my own and only protest, march, and demonstrations signs in my published comments to the New York “Times” in the below article:

Yes, indeed, you noticed the same thing that i noticed — that the British are going directly after Trump, rather than protesting against dozens of subordinate “identity issues” (like most American protesters)

The British may well be doing this more focused protesting because they understand the strategic strength of protesting against this single causal target of Trump — or it could just be that they don’t understand as many of the dozens of U.S. protest ‘issues’ and can’t get into the ‘weeds’ of what Americans are led to by individual ‘single issue’ demonstration — but I prefer to believe the former, that they understand the value, unity, and power of focusing protest on a common single strategic target, namely Trump.

Of course, I love the fact that the Brits are using signs like “DUMP TRUMP” (as in the first photo of this article, and several others, as I noticed on TV) — and I would have gone wild with joy if one of them had tagged Trump for what he really is and have done a sign like mine, which denigrates him as an EMPEROR:


But I’ve been more and more encouraged by the NY “Times” publishing serious and critical shots at Trump as an Emperor — and I got a hell of a lift by my protesting today in Portland Maine against the little Trumpian tadpole Sessions — where the crowd strongly responded to my brief ‘teach-in’ on EMPIRE, and the signs I gave to many of the protesters which were prominently captured and shown by both major Portland TV local news stations.

So from my perspective the DUMP EMPEROR TRUMP along with “We can’t be an EMPIRE” effort to focus a unified ‘Movement’ seems to be getting some traction on local TV here and in “all that’s fit to print” in the NY “Times”:

The only good thing about Emperor Trump is that ‘we the American people’ are now WakingTF–up to the fact that we need to, as my only demonstration, march, and protest sign simply shouts-out:


and on the reverse side, under the image of ‘our’ (not the Emperor’s) American flag:

“We can’t be an EMPIRE”

With Emperor Trump’s recent ‘reality show’ of ‘lording over’ NATO, the EU,
and all European countries — which suffered through the First and
Second World Wars of Empires — it is, IMHO, now far beyond time to, put
down both Emperor Trump and this damn disguised global capitalist EMPIRE.

But fortunately because of how obvious, overt, ugly, and dangerous this most Imperial Emperor Trump is acting, “the “Times” they are a changin”:

When was the last time we saw the names Chomsky, Hedges, and Street openly mentioned in the “Times”?

So the “Times” they are a changin — and as LBJ is said to have reacted when Walter Cronkite came back from the slaughter of Empire War in Vietnam and ‘exposed’ this worst crime of militarist Empire on National TV, LBJ said “If we’ve lost Cronkite — I’ve lost the war”

“Emperor Trump 2020? — that dog don’t hunt”!



I’d sign in a heartbeat!


I cant understand how the entire world can see Trump for what he really is, yet his supporters continue to put him up on a pedestal.