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Broken Children In Cages Are Sobbing For Mommy and Daddy, and Mobsters Are Governing America


Broken Children In Cages Are Sobbing For Mommy and Daddy, and Mobsters Are Governing America

Man. Pro Publica audio of incarcerated toddlers crying for their parents put us over the top - never mind growing testimony to the cruelty underway and lifelong damage being done. Meanwhile, a new poll says two-thirds of Americans want it to end, all Senate Dems - NO Repubs - now support the Keep Families Together Act and Mad Dog PAC billboards - "What If It Was Your Child?" - are circling the Capitol. These kids' stories will be told, says Charles Pierce; the rest of us "are choosing the history of which we one day will be a part."


they drew the line in the sand watching just how much we americans will take before taking to the streets, this did it for me never in my lifetime did i ever imagine we would do something like this to another culture. how much blood does trumps base want before they are satisfied? trump has to go, i pray for him every day, to resign. these children will have life long problems because of this and it’s all our faults. we are complicit in this unless we raise our voices loud enough to be heard. “all it takes
for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing”


Forget “the Policy” for a moment. There are men and women , many with families no doubt, that are paid a salary to take away little Children from their parents, transport them away and have them locked in detention centers.

Do THEY sleep at night or are they “just doing their job” ?

The Monsters and Mobsters Governing the United States of America seem to have no problems finding the people that will do this dirty work.


The US government is just getting started showing us what it can do; Napoleon handed out ten bucks each and a bottle of whiskey and the soldiers went out and shot the people.


Agreed. The Trump movement has one major accomplishment that IMO will never be undone completely; it has ripped the veneer off the ugliest traits of American society, exposed them to oxygen and light, and said “it’s ok to be you.” Thus the massive increase in hate crimes against “the other” of every variety, the blatant fascism and white nationalism and racism and disgusting, vulgar, down-right evil wickedness that we see now on a daily basis, this example being just the latest of so many. We now have Nazis marching in the streets openly carrying torches, with the President calling them “very fine people.” We have an entire US Territory being basically abandoned by its government to face the aftermath of a massive hurricane that killed over 4,000 US citizens, simply because of the color of their skin. We have outright attacks by the President against anyone who does not bow before him, calling one of the bedrocks of our democracy, the press, an “enemy of the American people.” And on and on.

The genie will not go back into the bottle after Trump is gone. He has awakened millions of monsters, pulled them out from under their rocks. This disgusting policy of ripping children from their parents and putting them in cages is just the first of many, many more such evil to come - watch for it. Too many Americans are perfectly OK with fascism - that is the real problem. A society so far gone is hopeless.


Dissent2, I agree with everything but the last line. In order for you to write what you have you can still see light. Make it shine. “Shine on you crazy diamond”.


You have more confidence in the American populace than I do.


Yep, that sums it up nicely…


You have insulted the integrity of mobsters–shame on you! This gang is a band of degenerates on whom mobsters would look down.


Look at all the kids that have fought our wars – they have committed unspeakable crimes, but they did it in the name of a ‘democracy’ that never was and all it took was dehumanizing the citizens of those countries. Given enough stress, anyone can dehumanize another human being, and we are so much the worse for it!


huh? I don’t know how old you are, but there are plenty of examples of us doing much worse in fairly recent history. We are more limited in what we can do here in the US, but think about what we do to kids (or have no compunction about what will happen to kids as a direct result of our policy to arm certain factions) in other countries.

I’m against what is happening as well, and I’m quite annoyed that Trump and his minions can get away with rhetoric that isn’t even correct (let alone that it isn’t moral) - it isn’t just people entering the country illegally that this is happening to - it happens to people legally applying for refugee status as well. But as much as I’m happy people are upset, and maybe some Trump voters will be upset, let’s keep some perspective - we are much worse than anything we see on TV recently.


Now we see what happens when we elect fascist to govern and we lack the intellect, moral courage or will to act except to get with a crowd and shout slogans. The fascist know we are too mentally lazy to really do anything about it.


Actually the opposite choice was someone who would do the same - Hillary. I voted Stein but I believe her votes were mostly stolen to Hillary.

Never forget that Obama pulled the real Nazi act when he did DACA and got their names and addresses and family’s addresses, then started the round ups in the night. Trump continued them but he at least did it in the daylight. Never vote for the duopoly again.