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Brother and Sister, Aged 10 and 6, Killed by Israeli Bombing in Gaza


Brother and Sister, Aged 10 and 6, Killed by Israeli Bombing in Gaza

Jon Queally, staff writer

Two young children, 10-year-old Yassin Abu Khussa and his 6-year-old sister Israa Abu Khussa, were killed on Saturday when the Israeli military bombed an area near their home in Beit Lahiya in the Gaza Strip.


I wrote this for a piece by César Chelala on cluster bombs specifically this morning. I will re-post it here as it bears directly on Israeli war crimes in Gaza and elsewhere, such as this bombing.

BRAVO César for putting Cluster Munitions in the spotlight! 118 states have signed the ban on CM, but neither the US or Israel. The manufacture and sale of weapons of death as a business leads directly to their use!

Cluster munitions are indiscriminate, killing any who pick them up, especially children who are drawn to the "toy-like" onjects. In Lebanon during the last 3 days of the latest Israeli attack, after a cease-fire had been signed, Israeli forces fired over a million cluster bombs into south Lebanon - a depraved act clearly designed to punish, maim and kill!
Indiscriminate and banned weapons were also used by Israeli forces in attacks on Gaza, one of the most densely populated areas on earth, including White Phosphorus, fletchet weapons, armor-piercing bombs, and DIME munitions.

Israel: White Phosphorus Use Evidence of War Crimes

(Jerusalem) - Israel's repeated firing of white phosphorus shells over densely populated areas of Gaza during its recent military campaign was indiscriminate and is evidence of war crimes, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

http://www.vtjp.org/background/gazaweapons.php This link is very comprehensive and informative.

Israel’s Use of Cluster Bombs Shows Need for Global Ban

The human devastation inflicted on Lebanon by Israel’s illegal use of cluster munitions highlights the urgent need for an international treaty banning the weapon, Human Rights Watch said in releasing a report today. At a conference this week, more than 100 states will discuss a treaty to ban cluster munitions, a process prompted in part by Israel’s cluster attacks on Lebanon in 2006.


If any of the Republicans or Hillary win the presidency you can bet on this situation getting worse. The BDS movement needs everyone's support.


What is horrible about the USA and its twin Israel is that they are rouge states and more than likely would ignore such a global ban.


Your tax dollars at work.


You and I paid for this missile.


Make no mistake that Hillary is in lock-step with Israel and she will increase the Billions they get every year from US. Hillary will do nothing for the children, men and women of Gaza. That who you are voting for - all of you Hillary apologists. With Bernie, there is a chance that our treatment of Israel will be more balanced. Unfortunately for us all, if it comes down to Hillary v Trump - Trump: "I’ll be ‘neutral’ on Israel and Palestine" v Hillary the war hawk, Trump looks to do less harm than Hillary? I can't vote for Hillary with a good conscience vs the evils of being neutral and not actually doing something to help stop the violence. Reminds me of the famous saying about how evil thrives when good men do nothing. Such is the predicament we will be in unless Bernie wins.


"We're committed to making sure that Israel can defend itself against all serious threats," Biden told reporters after meeting with Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu.

Hey Joe, guess what? You just met with the most serious threat.


Meanwhile Israel wants to deport families into Gaza. Bombing in so crowded an area is utterly unconscionable and seems like a war crime to me. It is an overpopulated ghetto and impossible to avoid killing innocent people when using bombs. Someday someone with a conscience and a soul will remember that we could stop this. Someone with a sane brain will realize that Israel is not protecting itself but inciting hatred and desperation. It makes all decent people feel ashamed that human beings are treated this way.


There is a very good reason no TV coverage of the carnage in Gaza and the West Bank will be seen in America. As in Vietnam, when the average American sees the genocide of people, even Palestinians who have been demonized by the NYT, the outrage would lead to an end to this slaughter.


Please try to get to DC this coming Sunday, March 20. A mass rally and march for Palestine is planned from Lafayette Park to the DC Convention Center.

For those discouraged by past protests, this will not be a typical weekend protest in an empty DC downtown. AIPAC will be holding their opening session in the convention center with VP Biden and other bigwig politicians there. We need to make sure they hear us outside in the streets.



Good point, wlawlor. Palestinians film the hatred, oppression, and carnage, and the rest of the world turns a blind eye. Five Broken Cameras is a film that is the exception that achieved some exposure. The daily dehumanization of Palestinians is documented, but shamefully ignored.


Blum on Trump verses Hillary:-
"... when it comes to foreign policy, Hillary Clinton is an unholy disaster. From Iraq and Syria to Libya and Honduras the world is a much worse place because of her."_ - William Blum.


Its not the Jewish population which is primarily to blame for lack of empathy for the human dignity of non-jews in Palestine but the goyim who serve and defend them at all costs. Israel is the result of never having to pay for crimes and always having to be rewarded for 'purity of arms' and 'making the desert bloom' in 'a land for a people, for a people without a land'. The United States of America, the super dooper power, sustains and encourages others to swallow fictions and deceitful lies about 'the only democracy in the middle east. Recollect well, Israel and the USA share the same values!

Now, if only those pesky Palestinians would remain quiet so the impartial broker could light up the peace pipe and map out reservations for them to everyone's satisfaction?


Mr. Sanders has also voted for every "foreign aid" bill for Israel for many years.

When asked what he is doing or has done for the Palestinians, his stock answer is, "I didn't attend Netanyahu's speech to Congress"...


Indeed. I oppose his position.


Only the corrupt buffoons of the United States government stands in the way of justice and peace. Israel's ruling elite should be contained inside concrete walls of their own disgusting hands. The world repudiates the monstrous conduct of Israel.


From $3billion to $4.5Billion annually in military "aid."
* Israel or the US Fourth Reich.
* Which is the tail and which is the dog?
* We know both can be identified as what lies just beneath the dog's tail.


This is really shameful. Israel should be forced, by the United States, the UN, and the International community, to pull out of West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem...at once, evacuate their right-wing settlers from those territories, and allow the Palestinians to create their own independent, sovereign nation-state in those areas, alongside Israel.