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Bruce Springsteen’s Ballad of Brutality, "American Skin"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/05/bruce-springsteens-ballad-brutality-american-skin


The “Boss”, as my generation called him, has had his finger on the pulse of injustice in this country for most of his career, another great ballad, “Streets of Philadelphia” is special to me. Grew up just outside of Philly, and had a cousin who lived there, and died of AIDS. RIP Dale.


Thank you for this beautiful but heart wrenching song still ringing true in today’s world. All of us must stand together against the current onslaught of our basic human rights to live in peace and harmony. Facists will be shown the exit door and their brutality will exit with them. " Get up stand up, stand up for your rights! Don’t give up the fight" Peace

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If a sentient being from Alpha Centauri has been monitoring events on the third planet from its closest neighboring star, it would know what is wrong with America simply by comparing reactions to the same event in 2008 on. In Iceland, the oldest democracy in existence, those responsible in its country for the financial meltdown were arrested, convicted, and placed in jail. In America, the oldest oligarchy in existence, those responsible for the financial meltdown were given even more money to gamble, money from those least able to afford it. And those who dared to protest this action were rounded up by the police, tear-gassed, and jailed.
The police in the US of Abuse are a force to protect the rich, to protect their property, by any and all means at hand. The rest of us are just road kill.
Sing it out, Boss! Sing it out!


This song is SO powerful. It brought me to tears.

Does anyone know if the Boss is still performing with this song. He could substitute “41 Shots” with “8 minutes, 49 seconds” .


Moving song. Or maybe write another song for George Floyd.

This is beautiful. Article and song. Thank you CD for posting it.

One more killing like the killing of George Floyd and this country is going to explode, and, unless the generals mutiny, Porceau L’Orange Grosse will have the US Military in the street, and welcome to Iraq.

Most of us by now could write Mr. Floyd’s song. Bruce could get one some real exposure. I despair. And, I just cannot understand why so many in abject poverty, and in the working poor vote against their own self interest. If just the working poor and no one else voted green we’d have a green government. Ah, sure, its a fantasy, I know.

Maybe a pipe dream; nevertheless, one I like!